Monday, May 21, 2007

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Again. You May Snag the Other Sister!

The young man had been "after" the girl for a while and he had decided that tonight was the night. So on a hot summer Saturday night, he laced up his roller skates and pushed off into the traffic of other skaters looping in circles around the rink to the music. Soon he worked his way into position near the girl and struck up a conversation. After an appropriate amount of time, he asked her out on a date and was disappointed when she said she was already seeing someone.

Later that evening still at the skating rink, the young man spotted another slightly younger girl that took his breath away. He observed from a distance and as she began to take off her skates to leave, so did he. As she got into her car to drive home, he followed behind in his to see where she lived. She pulled into the driveway of a house and the young man slowly drove by making note of the number before driving on to his house.

Sunday afternoon as the younger girl was eating dinner with her sisters and parents, the young man pulls into the drive. The younger girl's older sister exclaimed to her parents that the young man was the same man who had tried picking her up at the skating ring the previous evening and obviously wasn't going to take no for an answer. So the father of the two girls answered the door expecting to tell the young man that no meant no except the young man didn't ask for Loise, the older sister. Instead he asked for Ardeth the younger sister.

He said he wanted to go to a movie and stopped by to see if Ardeth would like to join him. Ardeth was shocked, her father was shocked and perhaps most shocked was Loise. The father was so impressed that the young man named Ken had come to ask permission to ask his daughter out that he could only consent to the movie date. Ardeth consented too and the rest was history.

"You mean that Grandma's father allowed you to take out one sister the day after you got rejected by the older sister," I asked?

"Well Loise was never too friendly with me for a couple years until Ardeth and I got married anyway but what could your great grandfather do? It was after all a Sunday and nothing much can happen on a Sunday," said my grandpa.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Riddle Me This!

What has two teeth, drools and chases me up the stairs? The answer is Little Abbey. Last weekend we noticed her tongue always touching the front part of her lower gums. This was a little bit different from the normal drooling that has caused us many times to think she might be teething over the last eleven months. A cursory exam led us to find out that she is in fact teething and has cut one tooth.

The very next night while I was doing something upstairs, I heard the normal slapping of hands and shins as Little Abbey crawled across the floor towards the stairs and then silence. After about fifteen seconds of silence I hear a squeal only it came from my wife and not Little Abbey. I hurried out into the hall only to find Little Abbey was almost to the top of the stairs and was climbing them like she had known how all along.

Flash forward a few more days and on feeling the first tooth's progress, lo and behold there is a second tooth coming in. I think the toll of cutting to teeth finally caught up with her and she ran a low-grade fever for a day and has been not quite her energetic self the last few days. But one thing I have discovered about her is that when she gets over a slight fever or a period of time when she isn't her energetic self, she comes back double of what she was. I fully expect that means she will take up running. I just hope that she doesn't go quite as fast as Geri's son little Evan for a few weeks to give me a chance to adapt.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Little Abbey Update

Little Abbey is eleven months old today. Here is what she has accomplished so far.

It wasn't that long ago when she cried every three hours to be fed and often in-between from colic. That ended around three months of age and turned into silence unless she was hungry but the time in-between cries was much longer. Now she hardly cries and when she does, they are crocodile tears as she tries to manipulate us into giving that rubber band that she found who knows where back to her.

She went from being completely immobile to the point you could leave her on the bed for hours on end and always be assured that she would still be there when you got back to now when if you leave her alone in a room, you have to find which room she is now in when you get back. Little Abbey has two speeds to her crawling, fast and 'you have to run to catch her in time' fast. Because 'you have to run to catch her in time' fast is too fast for me all the time, I finally broke down and baby proofed the stairs going to the basement. Now it is a royal pain for any of us heading down that way.

Until about a month ago, baby proofing meant only about 18 inches high. Then when she found out she could stand, it meant about 28 inches high. Lately she has learned that using her tippy toes can gain her another couple inches so we are at 30 inches high. Frankly, I've just learned to find my newspapers, books, journals, keys, wallet and everything else on the floor because that is where it ends up. Besides, there are only so many places in your house that are above 30 inches and have flat surfaces to store things.

When she was born, Little Abbey had no teeth. Today, she still has no teeth. Since I didn't get my baby teeth in until I was fourteen months, I'm not holding my breath that she will get them soon. That also means that she will probably hang onto them longer than most. I still had baby teeth as a junior in high school when they were finally pulled so that I could get my permanent teeth in and braces on before going to college. I still ended up with braces for two years of college.

One would think that without teeth, she would be behind in the eating department but there, she truly shines. She eats anything, literally. Just last night she had a couple pieces of my ribeye steak along with a half cup of cubed cheese and a handful of green beans. On a typical day at daycare, she eats what I prepare her, what the babysitter prepares for the other kids' lunches and then will eat a snack later. Broccoli caused her much colic as an infant and now less than 8 months later, she loves broccoli. In short, she eats what we eat and I've only once seen her to refuse something and that was a Ritz cracker that was a little too salty for her taste. She even shared in eating morel mushrooms last night and loved them.

We have all but given up trying to feed her food from a baby spoon. She just wants to eat with her hands from her tray or my plate, whatever is closer. We have given her a spoon, which she is still learning to master but she can eat from it as long as one of us loads it up for her first. She also has learned how to drink from a straw, which makes giving her something to drink while at restaurants a whole lot easier. She is a pro at drinking from her sippee cup and can feed herself with the bottle. Next up is weaning her to drink all her milk from a sippee cup.

Now that summer is fast approaching, clothing is easier. Gone are the socks and long pants she has outgrown anyway. I bought some sandals for her last weekend that were for a two to three year old that fit her perfectly. Most of her clothes are now for 18 month olds mostly because she is so tall. What clothes we do put on, including diapers, is done only with a lot of time and frustration. Getting Little Abbey to lay still is like telling a landslide to stop for four minutes while you get out of the way. It just doesn't happen. I can't wait for her to outgrow this phase of her life more than any other phase.

Sleeping is one aspect of her life that has changed little. We put her in her crib about 7:45 and she gets up at 5:30 when we are getting ready for work. This is fine during the week but since she doesn't yet know her days, it also happens on the weekend. Occasionally she dreams a lot and wakes up a few times during the night but not often. But all this has been the same since she was about three months old. About the only change is that during her daytime naps, she sleeps in the football position with her knees tucked underneath her facedown and with her butt in the air. At night for some reason, she still sleeps on her back. My only complaint is that I can't sleep in on weekends but my wife and I have solved that by one of us taking care of the baby while allowing the other one to sleep in, one day of the weekend.

Last week, I broke out the set of blocks that I bought her for Christmas and soon regretted waiting too long. She enjoys stacking them and unstacking them before throwing them back in the box. She has also mastered putting objects back together. Up until about a few weeks ago, she mostly just took things apart and scattered them. Despite having a boxful of toys already, her favorite toy is whatever you have in your hand or the computer keyboard. She loves to stand next to the computer keyboard and 'type' away sometimes for a half hour at a time. Yesterday she spent ten minutes rolling the mouse around and clicking the various buttons. Tomorrow she will be upgrading my DDSR2 RAM on the motherboard.