Friday, June 16, 2017

Kitchen Remodel: Part Four

In my last post, I mentioned that we were pretty happy with the interior layout but felt like the entrance would look too much like an entrance to a cave. After hours looking for inspiration and finding none because the most common entrance in a ranch style home is through a front porch that is open on three sides, I thought up of a brilliant solution. Add on a front porch that is open on three sides!

It would be a covered porch with pillars and a decorative railing and would mesh well with our current sidewalk shown on the left side. The only drawback is perhaps the amount of light that will reach the two kitchen windows, even though the view won't change. We have deep overhangs now and only in the heart of winter so we ever get direct sunlight through those windows. I don't think it is much of a concern to us at the end of the day. We also might entertain the judicious use of some light tubes to funnel natural light into the kitchen through the roof which I think would be better anyway.

Just as things were progressing nicely with the new design, a problem arose which we weren't expecting. But I will save that for another post. Instead I will close with an interior rendering of what the concept will look like though no colors or materials have been chosen at this point. It is more just a visual representation of the spacing of things.


Kelly said...

What an excellent idea!! The lack of a front porch is one of the few changes I would make if I were designing our house over again. As it is now, all we have is a stoop. Of course we rarely use the front door, but still it would be nice to have a real porch there. Sometimes you don't know until it's too late what you might want done differently.

When we added the sunroom to the back of our house (which was originally a large deck with a door and window to the kitchen) it made our kitchen into an interior room. It faces west, though, so thanks to all the windows in the sunroom we've never had a problem with it being dark.

Vince said...

Ohh I see where the fridge is now.

Ed said...

Kelly - We have a deck out back that I want to eventually turn into a three season room of sorts. As it it, I sit out there for a couple weeks in the spring and fall when the temperatures and lack of bugs align and that it about it.

Vince - It still forms a long skinny triangle which isn't ideal for kitchen feng shui but since we tend to cook from raw ingredients, most of our kitchen duties will go from sink to island to stove which is a much smaller triangle.

Kelly said...

Sometime I'll have to send you photos of our sunroom. I remember the guy who laid the brick said he'd never done one that way, but I really like it.

Ed said...

Kelly - There is a link on the top left of my reading list that contains my email address if you wish to email me some photos. I envision something with lots of screened windows that can be opened and a ceiling fan along with a nice hammock or two. Now that I write this, I can't understand why we haven't done that project sooner!