Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Pickled Eggs

Normally after Easter is over, I eat a lot of deviled eggs and egg/tuna salad sandwiches to use up all the hard boiled eggs that my two girls decorate for Easter. However, with my grandparents living across town, they brought enough deviled eggs to feed an army to our Easter Sunday family get together and they left most of them behind. When hard boiling eggs for decorating, some always crack and I ended up with enough cracked ones to make a double batch of egg/tuna salad sandwich spread BEFORE Easter. So a couple days after Easter was over and I was all egged out, I still had two dozen hard boiled eggs sitting in our refrigerator.

After some thought, I remembered my younger bar frequenting days and the large jars of pickled eggs that sat on the shelf in back. Back then, it had always seemed kind of disgusting but the more I thought about it, the more I thought pickle and hard boiled eggs should taste kind of good. I mean I always put hard boiled eggs and chopped up pickles in my egg/tuna salad sandwich spread and I love that taste.  I decided to try it out so I peeled all those hard boiled eggs, stuck them in three quart jars with lots of chopped up onions and pickled them.

I finally cracked one open yesterday and tried my first ever pickled egg and I must say, they were quite tasty. Despite using a spicy pickling mix, they weren't as spicy or pickle tasting as I had imagined but it was definitely in the flavor profile. I'm hoping as time goes by, the pickle and spice will come through a little stronger but overall, its not bad. It's also a lot better than eating deviled eggs and egg/tuna salad sandwiches for a month straight.

QOTD: I know some people only eat egg salad sandwiches and some only eat tuna salad sandwiches that contain no eggs. Are the others like me that always combine tuna and eggs in their "salad" sandwich spread? I have always thought it was the best of both worlds.


Kelly said...

No eggs at all for me over the past two years, but back in the day I kept my egg and tuna separate. Just my preference. IMO, the best addition to egg salad is black olives!

Did you google pointers for pickling your eggs or just wing it? Like you, I've always seen them, but never tried them. Does make sense considering I always put pickle relish in my egg (and tuna) salad, too.

Ed said...

Kelly - We are definitely not on the same page if you are considering anything with black olives! I can choke them down but will pick them off unless etiquette requires me to eat them!

I made a tuna/egg salad sandwich today with the eggs and it was outstanding. I didn't use any relish or pickles since the egg was pickled but I did scoop up some of the pickled onions that was canned with the eggs according to the recipe.

I did use a recipe found online that was similar to one that I already use for veggies so I wasn't too concerned about something going wrong. In fact, I just used the same recipe to pickle some extra asparagus that we weren't going to get to before it went bad.

Bob said...

Not an egg fan for the most part but I'll eat the occasional deviled egg and generally don't object to them in salads like tuna, chicken, etc. My mother included them in tuna salad but today I generally do not when I make it. And since I will not eat a hard boiled egg by itself, would have to pass on your pickled ones. But I admire your creativity and resourcefulness!

Susan said...

Definitely an egg-in-my-salad fan. Probably comes with having chickens and tons of eggs. Can you share your pickling recipe? I have about six dozen duck eggs that need a project.

Ed said...

Bob - We definitely go through a lot of eggs in our household.

Susan - Most definitely.

Pickled Eggs
12 eggs boiled and peeled
4 c. vinegar
1 tsp. salt
2 med. onions chopped
1/3 c. sugar
1 Tbsp pickling spices

Pack eggs in a large clean jar. Boil rest of ingredients for five minutes, pour in jars and seal. Let cool for 24 hours and then refrigerate.

Notes: I needed three quart jars for 24 hard boiled chicken eggs so I had to make about 2.5 times this recipe to have enough to cover the eggs. I used half regular pickling spices and half spicy pickling spices but couldn't taste any spice and thought it was a very mild pickling flavor. If I was doing this again, I would use just the spicy pickling spice and probably increase the amount of pickling spices. Definitely personal preference.

Finally, my jars went ahead and sealed after I put canning rings on them so you probably wouldn't need to refrigerate them. But I'm already halfway through my second jar so they aren't going to last long. I have used it for tuna salad sandwiches and really love the taste and will probably make it using pickled eggs from now on. I'll probably tweak this recipe to just make one quart at a time to keep in the refrigerator.

kymber said...

the infamous Susan beat me to it! i was going to ask for your recipe. thank you for sharing. and thank The Lord that jambaloney is at work...otherwise he would have read this ((we got our internet back yesterday afternoon after a full week without. amazingly we survived. oh and he reads a bunch of the blogs on our bloglist ( like yours) but he rarely comments.))

if he saw this blogpost right now, guess who would be up to their eyeballs making pickled eggs? yep, that would be me. and i am already up to my eyeballs in kimchi-making. i'll point this post out to him tomorrow...or the next day.

thanks again for the recipe. and speaking of recipes - do you or your wife have any other fantastic recipes to share? i know you are not a recipe blog but i love your monthly get-togethers with friends and the meals involved.

sending love. your friend,

Ed said...

Kymber - We've been on an eating rut so to speak lately because we've both been busy. But when we run across something good and unique, I will definitely post pictures and a recipe. Last night we just made personal pizzas on flatbread in the oven. Mine was just cheese and turkey pepperoni which isn't greasy like the real thing. Simple and much easier than my crab rangoon pizza that I've made in the past.

kymber said...

crab rangoon pizza??? oh this i have to see!!!!

Leigh said...

Gosh, I haven't made pickled eggs in awhile. Thanks for the reminder! I have tons of eggs at the moment ...