Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kitchen Remodel: Part Two

So without further ado, this was the first draft kicked back to us by the architect. It essentially bumps out the house four feet so that the new wall for the kitchen would be flush with the exterior walls of the house and then bump out two areas on each side another four feet beyond that. The roof would be extended out over everything creating a smaller version of the covered porch that we currently have.

Our entryway is then turned 90 degrees for feng shui purposes and the hallway widened to five feet to allow guests to enter without our having to back up. The bumpout on the left would be for our pantry but would also be a future laundry room when if we decided to ever move it from the basement or use that as a selling point. Our sink and cooktop remain roughly in the same locations but the refrigerator and double ovens move. The refrigerator is shown on the left wall and the double ovens on the right wall below the cooktop and vent hood. The microwave is shown mounted underneath the cabinets to the right of the sink.

My initial impression is that the island in the middle is too big and needs to be slimmed down to add more walking room and moved towards the new china hutch location. I'm also thinking about getting rid of the double oven in favor of a slide in electric oven with gas cooktop so we can have the best of both worlds. I would then move the microwave away from the sink over to the location of the double ovens and perhaps replace it with a microwave/convection oven that they have these days for those rare occasions where two ovens would be nice. Since there is a garage to the left of the refrigerator shown on the left, I would inset the wall to allow for the refrigerator to be flush with the cabinets.

For reference to whomever is reading this, our dining room is off picture at the top left and our living room off picture at the top right. The hallway leading to the right goes to our bedroom areas. I just received this about an hour ago and have spent most of that time writing the previous post and this. I think I will digest this for a couple days and then respond to the architect for the next round. As always, you are welcome to add your thoughts as well although I will have probably already communicated with the architect by then but perhaps we can incorporate changes into round three.


Kelly said...

Ideally, of course, a kitchen workspace should best accommodate the one who uses it the most. You? Your wife?

There's a fine line between having enough distance and too much distance between appliances and the island worktop. My kitchen isn't huge, but it's loaded with cabinet space (and ample workspace), so it suits me. I can see moving the island a bit closer to the hutch, but would you perhaps want it to also function as a seating area? Maybe a few bar stools on the hutch side of it? If so, you wouldn't want to shift it too much. We've never used our dining area except for big family gatherings, preferring to eat at the island in the kitchen.

Ed said...

Kelly - Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, we are both cooks and we often help each other cook so space for two people milling around it important. With five people living in our house daily, we do eat in the dining room but I would see us eating just in the kitchen years from now when we are back down to two. We would like a couple stools at the island so the kids can do their homework while we are cooking so look for that in future drafts.