Monday, March 13, 2017


As I normally do when taking pictures and blogging, I always end up with several pictures that I like for various reasons but don't fit in the narrative of a longer post. So I have just included them here with a short description of why it attracted me. The above was a sand snowman I found on a beach that was looking pretty sad.

While hiking one morning to a pair of waterfalls well down a rugged and steep trail, I came across this vehicle lost in the jungle. I'm always amazed when I see stuff like this realizing that back in the day, there were roads going many places that have since been swallowed up by time and Mother Nature. It always reminds me that long after the human species is gone, the Earth will heal and survive.

This plant grabbed my attention as I got up from watching a sunrise to go back to the resort and grab my stuff to head out for another day of exploring.

Perhaps because we don't have palm trees in Iowa or it was a perfectly blue sky, I was captivated by this palm tree off our balcony.

Iowa has a retail footprint even in Kauai. I've had better whiskey but I've had much more examples of worse whiskey than Templeton Rye.

Up near the highest point of the island this view could be had and although you could drive right to it, it was off the beaten path enough it was never crowded either time I was there. It looks down a deep valley to the north side of the island that is inaccessible by roads. There was a trail that went down that way but I saved it for another day. They tried to build a road down there many years ago but all the equipment (being run by convicts) got stuck in the lowland swamps and abandoned. The equipment remains there to this day I'm told.

There used to be a true tunnel of trees along this road to our resort that I drove nearly every day. However a hurricane awhile ago thinned them out so that it isn't a true tunnel anymore though it still looked beautiful to my eye.

I'm not a big art consumer. I would rather display my art than someone else's on my walls or tabletops. However, if I had nearly $4000 with nothing else to spend it on, I would have bought this. I have absolutely no idea how this island volcano with a waterfall is made but I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of it in a high end retail store in the resort lobby.

I love history and knew I had to see the place where Captain Cook first discovered the Hawaiian islands. He first landed on Kauai but later spent most of his time and was killed on other islands in the chain. I spent a morning at the beach where he landed offshore of the Waimea river but there wasn't much to see there that every other sandy beach along an ocean doesn't also have. I had heard there was a statue commemorating his landing nearby but couldn't find it. I gave up and started looking for a bookstore back in town to see if I could find some history books pertaining to the island but couldn't find it either. (I later realized the book store was in the next town east and succeeded in picking up a couple books.) I went into a nearby grocery store to pick up an ice cold drink and was sitting on a picnic table trying to figure out what to do next when I looked across the street (further inland from the store and quite a way from the ocean) and saw the statue commemorating Cook.

I have gone many times to the Pacific rim and several times to Europe but the flight to Hawaii was the longest time I spent over open water. The flights to the Pacific rim usually go up the North American coast to the Bering Straight and down the Asian coast. The flights to Europe go up through Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, and never too far from someplace where a plane could land if trouble found it. So flying for so long over nothing but water weighed heavily on my mind. On the way home, we flew overnight so we couldn't see anything out the window until we crossed into the United States via Los Angeles airspace. I never thought seeing Los Angeles would bring me such relief.


sage said...

I've not had Templeton Rye, but it appears to be in great company on the shelf! It is neat that there are a lot of small distilleries around these days--I visited one in SW Michigan when I was there in January.

Ed said...

Sage - I obtained two bottles from the first batch that was sold to the public here in Iowa. I kept one sealed and drank part of one. It is pretty decent but compared to some of the better scotches I have or have drank, it isn't on my top ten list. But if you only consider Iowa made whiskeys, it is right there near the top!

Bob said...

I'm with you about being over water for such a long period of time. I'm growing less and less tolerant of air travel in general, a matter of great frustration for my wife, who barely gets home from one trip before planning the next.

I believe the small distilleries are becoming the new craft breweries. Here in Tennessee they are just beginning to spring up here and there with a recent change in our laws that's allowing the little guys to get in the business along with Jack Daniels, the longtime symbol of Tennessee Whiskey (and made in a dry county!).

Kelly said...

Oh, I love random photo posts like this! They're so varied, I really can't pick a favorite. I will say I can totally understand why you were drawn to that artwork. It's gorgeous! The sand/snow man does look a bit sad. One of his teeth seems to have fallen onto his belly.

Ed said...

Bob - I remember the days of getting excited whenever I found out that I was going to have to fly somewhere. These days it is more like having a root canal done at the dentist office. We flew for ten hours to reach Kauai and they gave us a bag of pretzels and about 8 oz. of water. The rest you had to have a credit card to purchase and they no longer excepted cash.

Kelly - I find myself taking a lot of photos expressly for blogging purposes and then getting home and realizing I no longer remember what I was going to say about it.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Great collection of photos. I enjoy the around the town photos of new places. These are fun!
Arriving into LAX at night time is one of my favorite views. It's even better at Christmas time! It's the ONLY good thing about LAX. :)