Friday, October 21, 2016

Out of Posts

I just noticed, that my uploaded posts that I have written ahead of time have cycled through and posted. I have no more written. Fortunately, I am almost done with harvest. Soybeans are done and corn is down to the last 74 acres. In fact, I was on the computer to answer and email right quick before heading out and just quickly happened to see what was happening over here on my blog. I'll try to get some writing done this weekend and fill you in on what has been happening with my life this last month.

P.S. For those in the know, Mom is having her second to last treatment this morning and is moving home to the farm today. Monday is her last treatment and we are all going up with her to it and then celebrate afterwards. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes I have received for her. I'll tell you more on that later too.



Kelly said...

Sounds like everything is falling right into place. Enjoy celebrating the end of treatments on Monday! I know all of you are looking forward to a little slower paced life for awhile.

Bob said...

You are a superstar in my book -- doing all that farming and writing blog posts in advance?! Wow, I would have certainly given you a pass for a couple of weeks!

Great news about your mom!