Monday, October 10, 2016

Harvest: Part Three

This farm was the second one my father bought in his early years of farming. It is one continuous field over around 120 acres and always intimidates me when ever I'm starting something in it even though it isn't our biggest field. At about the 100 acre mark, there is a giant cottonwood tree out in the middle of the field and we just left it be and farm around it. I have memories more than 25 years old of sitting under the shade of that tree on an open tractor eating my lunch and enjoying the stillness for awhile before getting back to field cultivating that I had been doing.

These days, we rarely do any field work on open tractors. Partly because we are smarter and realize that all that dust and noise aren't particularly healthy for you and also, as our farm got bigger, so to did our equipment to keep up. Bigger tractors to pull bigger pieces of equipment meant there was room for a cab. Thus when running the catch cart, this is my view a good share of the day and the only time I am stationary. It takes me just about a minute to fill up that wagon with grain before it is pulled in by my father in the tractor hooked to the front of that wagon. Then I am off again to drive beside the combine and catch grain on the move so that it never has to stop.

Eventually after two days, we got the field around the cottonwood tree clear of corn and I couldn't resist taking a picture of two of the wagons full of corn sitting nearby.

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Kelly said...

I love that first photo and the moodiness of the sky. Despite the threat of rain in the clouds, it's a peaceful scene to me.

Some of those combines and tractors are amazing now with their GPS technology. And, important in this part of the country, air-conditioning!