Friday, September 23, 2016

Small Town Life

I grew up in a small town, actually five miles south of a small town and since I graduated from school, I really haven't ever gone back through town except on the rare occasion. When I graduated, both sides of Main street was lined with two story brick business type buildings as well as the block behind me. These days, only one in the slightly left of center in this picture, remain on this block and none in the block behind me. The main highway actually goes south of town and has since before I was born. So after graduation, there was really no pressing reason to go through town other than for a driving look see now and then.

With my parents under stress, we felt it would do them good to get off the farm for awhile on the weekend and enjoy small town life. My home town was having its annual fall festival and so we drove into town to enjoy it. It started off with a parade down the entire two blocks of Main street where they turned around and went back up the other side of Main street all two blocks. It took about 15 minutes total to complete.

I was reflecting upon that when I got to think of how great small town parades are. My daughters got more candy in those 15 minutes than they do in the 3 hour long parade that my current hometown holds here in a month. Less competition and since it is much, much shorter, more generous people throwing the candy. In the larger parade, one must get there early to find a good position and there is much jockeying going on to mark out your space. As you can tell above at the small town parade, there was plenty of space for all 100 locals to spread out along the two blocks of the parade route.

After the parade was done everyone in the parade and those that watched gathered in the park nearby for a lunch under the shade trees and to talk. I was amazed at all the people who looked vaguely familiar from my youth with whom I was having to pull names for from the foggy depths of my memory banks. My parents who still live five miles south of town get there more often so they had an advantage over me on this aspect. There were some other events later in the afternoon but we had a birthday party for a friend to attend so after dropping off my now well relaxed parents back off the farm, we had to head towards home again without seeing them. Next year I think I would like to go back for the whole day.

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Kelly said...

I'm a fan of small towns and this sounds charming. My younger daughter loves parades and she's always irritated by "poor parade manners", which tend to come out in many once that candy starts flying. It's a wonder more children don't get trampled by big galoots. I'm glad this was such a fun day for your family. A welcome diversion, I'm sure.