Friday, August 5, 2016

Travel Worn

As you all know from previous posts, we were heading north to Chicago when I got the call about my mom and so we had to cut the journey short and spend the night at the hospital instead of in Chicago. The following day I took the rest of the family home and then went back to the hospital to be with my mom and spend the night with her. When I finally got home the following day, the last thing I wanted to do after a week and a half essentially on the road was to go to someone else's house but I sucked it up and went. Man was I glad I did.

Some friends of ours invited all ten of us over for supper along with several other folks and prepared authentic pho, friend skid and steamed sweet rice. It was as delicious as it looked and really hit the spot. After eating the above bowl of pho, I felt I was human again and ready to go back on the road. Fortunately, it just meant taking my brother-in-law and his family along with my mother-in-law to the airport and dropping them off for flights back to the Philippines. The silence of just the four of us when we got back home was deafening, something I never thought I would say. It was a great trip and my in-laws seemed like they really enjoyed their stay. My mother-in-law of course will be back in another couple months but by then, it will probably be a welcome change again. But for now, I plan on enjoying the silence of just two young girls and my wife!


sage said...

Is Pho a Phillippine dish, too? I'm familiar with it as a Vietnamese dish. I can image the "silence" was wonderful after weeks of entertaining.

Kelly said...

I still place you in that "saint" category. Even just one full day of family (as in Thanksgiving) can nearly do me in. You're a good man, Ed.

I pray things are going well for your mother now.

Bob said...

Interesting food! I try to enjoy whatever state my wife and I find ourselves in. Right now our nest is empty again and with our youngest being 23, by all rights it should stay that way . . . but who knows?!

Ed said...

Sage - I think it is a Vietnamese dish and our friend who made it is Laotian which is right next door so I'm guessing it is pretty authentic. Tasty most definitely!

Kelly - A saint probably wouldn't be thinking evil thoughts on the way over but I'll allow you to say saint-like! I was glad I did though because I would have been missing out. I think I'll post an update on my mom soon. She is back to "normal" again but I'll leave it at that for now.

Bob - I always subscribe to the belief, when in Rome, eat as the Romans. Of course I was nowhere near Vietnam but I was in a household of a Laotian and a Filipina so I definitely want to eat what they eat.