Wednesday, August 24, 2016


We had a free afternoon before my parents left to go on vacation followed by a visit to Mayo to begin preparations for Mom's cancer treatments. So we gathered up some food and met them partway at a small state park along the river that I have spent much time at. I have blogged about this in the past but above is the ford area that the Mormons crossed the river on their way out to Utah. The river is up this year but in most years you could probably walk across this area without difficulty. From here, there is a classic 2 mile hiking trail into town which I'm guessing I've walked a 100 times or more over the years. I have  yet to tire of it.

I watched a cooking show not to long ago and they had a challenge to make bibimbap which I have never heard before. It is a Korean staple of a variety of ingredients served over rice with a soft cooked egg on top. You mix it up after receiving it and the egg yolk kind of acts as the lubricant for the rest of the ingredients. I didn't have any Korean veggies but I did have some more American veggies of onions, peppers and mushrooms so I sauteed those all up with some chunks of grilled ribeye steak and although it didn't look colorful compared to the Korean versions, it was darn tasty. Since this blog post is a mixture of pictures, I thought bibimbap would be a good title.

Not a sharp picture of an insect on a picnic table along the river but pretty good considering I was using a phone camera and the wind was really shaking the little guy around. I wish I would have had my SLR with me and I would have been able to get a better shot.

The riverbanks are lined with old sycamore trees and I just love sitting below them listening to the leaves blow in the breeze and looking up through the green, white, browns into the deep blue sky just makes my mind wonder. Again, I apologize for the quality of the photo since it was taking on my phone.

Cooking blueberry pancakes on morning for breakfast, I found myself pondering pancake patterns. When I lightly spray the pan with an aerosol cooking spray, it produces patterns like above. If I don't spray for the second cake, it just produces and even browning. I was pondering the science of how aerosol cooking sprays produce such patterns and I'm not sure I have an answer.

Finally, we were coming back from the Iowa State Fair one evening and there was a gorgeous sunset going on behind me... unfortunately. However, I was heartened to find that my ten year old was really enjoying it instead of being glued to her Kindle and she asked to borrow my phone. While traveling around 70 mph down the road, my daughter snapped this picture through the side window when we turned south for a short time. I thought she did all right.


Kelly said...

A great variety of photos! While I can certainly see a difference between those I take with my new Canon vs my phone, I still think phones take great shots and sometimes they're what I prefer (especially when I frame them with my favorite app). Good job on the sunset by your daughter. I think my favorite, though, is looking up into the tree.

I knew exactly what your title was (yes, I watch too many food programs) and I saw the same show you did with the Bibimbap challenge. Did you get your rice a little crispy on the bottom? ;)

Ed said...

Kelly - I forwent the crispy rice on the bottom but I did make some "fried rice" instead of plain rice so that the girls would have something to eat. They love fried rice for some reason.

sage said...

I'm now hungry! That Korean left-over dish sounds good.

Ed said...

Sage - Even the American version I cooked up was really tasty!

kymber said...

Ed - you knew that i would know exactly what the title meant! those koreans are crazy for their bibimbaps but they just never really did it for me. and yes, you are supposed to get a little crispy bottom but other than that - i'd score yours a 9 (and only because you did not use traditional korean ingredients - bahahahah!). all of the other pics are nice too!

sending love to all of you. and prayers. your friend,

Ed said...

Kymber - I knew you would know exactly what I meant and I'm sure you make a really mean bibimbap!