Monday, July 25, 2016

Stops Along the Way

A tour of Iowa isn't complete without a stop at Adventureland. I don't know how long it has been around but I do know I've been going there for 40 years and though most of the rides have changed, the ferris wheel is still there. The other favorite of mine the Log Ride was finally ripped out last year but not before my daughters got to experience it.

In recent times, they have doubled the size and added a water park so we decided it would be a good time to spend a day cooling off before we started our long driving journey. The kids really enjoyed it though we all lost each other a time or two among all the slides and water features. Eventually though we got everyone found and it was a quiet drive home because I was the only one awake, a sure sign that fun had been had.

A couple days later we began our Midwest tour driving south towards our first stop in Kansas City. One of the free places we like to stop to stretch our legs and which is still free to the public is the Federal Reserve Bank located there. They have a nice museum about how money is made, handles and adjusted as well as a place where you can see them processing money. In short, in ten minutes you can be within inches of more money than your parents, you and your children will ever see in their lifetimes combined. They also have a display showing almost every single coin every made in our country's history which even if you aren't a coin collector and I'm not, it is way cool to see.

With ten people and being on the road for over a week, we decided to reduce our expenditures and so we forewent our normal stop of eating some Korean BBQ that we normally feast on when in Kansas City. Instead we walked across the street and ate a picnic lunch in the shade at a war memorial park. Well fed and legs stretched, we continued south to our next destination which was a mini family reunion in Dallas, Texas.


Kelly said...

My heart did a small lurch at the sight of the ferris wheel. I'm fine on something caged in (like the Rock-o-plane), but an open car like that (which can swing!) scares me!

I remember going somewhere and seeing money once. Maybe Bob will remember if it was when we went to D.C. in high school. I would still enjoy doing something like that.

Ed said...

Kelly - In my older age and as a former design engineer, they scare the heck out of me too. All I can think about are fatigue loading on pivot pins etc!

sage said...

I have always found it amazing to be in the reserved banks and places they print money... so much just flowing by but safely out of reach.

Bob said...

I think I visited the U.S. Mint in D.C. on one of multiple trips I have taken there, and that is probably what Kelly is remembering, from a high school trip we took. I now work in the bank regulatory world, but the Feds usually come to me rather than my going to them. I have, however, done the Federal Reserve Bank tour in Atlanta a couple of times. With so much now being handled electronically, they don't handle near the amount of cash or paper items (checks) they once did.