Friday, July 15, 2016

American Gothic

When taking people on the "local" tour to give them a flavor of the area, we usually stop in at the American Gothic house seen above. It was the backdrop for the world famous Grant Wood picture of the same name of a dentist holding a pitchfork standing next to a dour looking sister of Wood. It is theorized that Grant Wood thought it was very pretentious to have such an ornate Gothic window in such a small farm house which is why he painted a farmer with a pitchfork in a suit coat and overalls standing in front.

I've been through the museum nearby many many times and although it has a generally history of the painting, Grant Wood and his sister Nan, it also always has a selection of painting parodies. I've seen the former enough to just skip and head straight for the parodies. This time, there were several sculpture parodies of the famous couple.

In the left of this picture, you can see a bulletin board full of sent in parodies of the painting. The museum has a collection of outfits and pitchforks so that you can dress like the couple in the painting and stand in front of the house and photograph yourself. I have done so many times but have never felt like sending it in to the museum but evidently I am in a minority judging from the multitudes of pictures covering the rest of the wall.

My favorite of them all showing another Grant Wood painting in the reflection of the farmer's glasses.


ErinFromIowa said...

This post tickled my fancy! A Parody Collection. :)

sage said...

I never knew the model was a dentist and his sister. I have seen the photo a couple of times at the Art Museum in Chicago.

Bob said...

You are causing me to want to make a road trip your way!

Kelly said...

What a fun post! I've always liked the painting and have seen many parodies of it. Love those chickens!

Ed said...

Erin - It makes repeat visits to the museum interesting for sure!

Sage - I got to see it once a long time ago but don't remember being that impressed with it. Only after the museum was built a decade or so ago have I developed an appreciation for the painting.

Bob - I've always felt I could stick a pin randomly in a map and I would find things nearby that interest me. Simple minds simple amusements as the saying goes.

Kelly - It is definitely Americana!