Friday, May 27, 2016

Murder Solved!

Just a day ago real time, two in blogiverse, I was writing about the above boilerplate article that I found several years ago using a website called I was never able to confirm or deny whether this Joseph Baker who died in 1882 was the same as my third great grandfather Joseph Baker who also died in 1882. That is until now.

The following morning after typing up the previous blog post, I found myself logged into again now that I could. Much of the time I have searched for news on Joseph Baker, I get thousands of results for churches named St. Joseph and ads from the local bakery, not to mention, Joseph and Baker were common names and surname. Sifting through thousands of hits gets tedious.

This time however, I typed in George Dyne and the first thing that popped up was the Joseph Becker murder. After a quick slap to the forehead and realizing that it has been a typo all along, I did a quick search on Ancestry and indeed pulled up a death record for one Joseph Becker in Chicago during the summer of 1882. So I can rule out that my Joseph Baker was murdered... at least at the hands of George Dyne and focus on other avenues to discover how in fact he died.


Kelly said...

I never even considered a typo in the paper. I don't know why, though... even today that happens far more than it should. Proofreading has never been exact. At least you can eliminate that now.

I still have my money on the circus accident injuries. (though I hate the thought of him lingering several months from something like that)

Ed said...

Kelly - I didn't either though I should have for the statements you made. Just another example that with genealogy, one must do their own homework and not take what someone else has done at face value.

sage said...

Nice to understand but the murder would have made a better story :)

Ed said...

Sage - It would have and still may, just not at the hand of George Dyne!