Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Canoeing the Buffalo: Day Two

Dawn finally came and the rest of my family finally woke up. I always love seeing daylight come when camping out and the bluff across the river was hit with the first sunlight of the day. It was a beautiful sight though my panoramic feature of the camera blurred it when I was taking a picture. Sometimes I get so focused on capturing sun lit objects in the morning that I forget to turn around and look to see where the sun is rising. However I eventually did and was rewarded with the beautiful view seen below.

After breakfast and packing up camp, we hit the river quite a bit earlier than the day before so we didn't have to paddle hard. It was still quite windy at times and we had to work to cross a couple pools, mostly we stayed in the lee of the large bluffs along the river and floated along. Because we were still making good time, we stopped early beneath a bluff seen below for lunch and decided we would finish lunch with some ice cream at a nearby town when we got off the river soon after.

It was a great shake down trip for the four who had never been canoe camping and three of whom don't know how to swim. I know it was a great trip because all of them said they would like to do another trip again. For the more experienced paddlers among us, it was also a good trip because we hit a weather window and had two days of sunshine with a nearly full moon shining on us at night. The next day it would be much colder, overcast and with quite a bit of rain falling off and on. That would certainly have made my collapsed tent a bit more challenging.


sage said...

That does look like a beautiful river. Is your canoe a Mad River? It looks like mine (and I even have Kevlar skid plates on the bow and stern)

Ed said...

Sage - Actually both boats belong to my parents but now that my girls are older, I may have to invest in another canoe to have around. The one in the picture is a Mohawk and the other one that I paddled was a Wenonah. They also own a Mad River but it is a shorter white water version that one person can paddle pretty easily.

When paddling the Buffalo loaded down, Kevlar skid plates are a must!

Kelly said...

Beautiful! (I often prefer sunrises to sunsets)

Even though I could swim before I could walk (literally) and spent much of my growing up on a river or lake, I don't think I've ever been in a canoe! I admire your non-swimmers for their bravery! I assume the rules for life jackets apply to canoes?

Vince said...

That looks downright pleasurable. I'm not sure how I'd manage with so many people.

Bob said...

Beautiful shots - I'm with Kelly, nothing like a sunrise.

Ed said...

Kelly - I am more likely to see a sunrise than a sunset. By evenings, I tend to get settled in and not go back outside to see things. In the mornings, things are quiet and I can enjoy things like sunrises.

Vince - I wouldn't if they hadn't been family. Family makes a difference when it comes to crowds.

Bob - Thanks. Not bad for just using my phone as a camera!