Monday, April 25, 2016

BMW Convertible... Not a Little Red Corvette

I never was a Prince fan by any means though I know quite a few of his songs. His much too young passing though made me reflect on a memory of when I met the man in person... well sort of... and I thought I would share that time on here.

Old readers will know that I used to live and work for a period of six years up in the frozen tundra called Minnesota. I lived in a smallish town about an hours drive west of the Twin Cities so I made it there more often than I cared for one reason or another. On one such trip, I was driving back with a few of my friends in my car and I was in the slow lane of a four lane road.

A BMW convertible appeared behind me going slightly faster and as it passed us by, two of my friends almost at the same time made comments on the gold hubcaps. I on the other hand noticed the driver wearing a stocking hat in the middle of July and who had olive skin and a more than a five-o'clock shadow of a beard going on. I said in the form of a question, "isn't that Prince?"

My friends immediately affirmed that it was and said that he lived just down the road from where we were, a factoid that was new to me. At their encouragement, I sped up and was soon cruising side by side with Prince and his wife at the time in their BMW convertible. A few seconds passed but it seemed much longer, Prince looked over at us and gave a bemused smile at the four faces staring back and gave a slight wave before mashing the accelerator and leaving me behind in the dust. Perhaps a mile later, he turned off down the road that leads to his recording studio/house and that was the last time I ever saw the man.

Decades later when social media was everywhere, I heard that every so often Prince would send out a tweet saying there was a party at his house and hundreds if not thousands of strangers would show up to party with him. Had I still lived in that smallish town down the road and followed him on Twitter, I would be telling you right now about that party.

"But it was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right." - Prince Rogers Nelson


kymber said...

Ed - all i got for you is a raspberry beret. the kind you find in a second hand store. my fave prince song.

your friend,

Ed said...

Kymber - Raspberry Beret is my favorite Prince song that he sang. My favorite Prince song that he gave away to another artist is Nothing Compares 2U sung by Sinead O'Conner. I always hated Purple Rain when it came out but after the last few days, I must say I've grown to like it as well though still not my favorite.

kymber said...

here's one for you - my highschool cheerleading team's dance routine was to "let's go crazy" - it was awesome. and i still remember all of the dance steps and the tricks to it. hard to do by yourself, without the team, but i can still do it - bahahahahahahaha!

Kelly said...

My favorite Prince song is 'Diamonds and Pearls'. Does anyone else even know that one?? It's his only entire album I ever bought, though I do have a few of his other hit singles (including 1999, which I thought was great fun) Anyway... I had no idea the man was such prodigy and had written so many songs for others. (I love that Sinead O'Connor song) I've been totally amazed at the media coverage worldwide. My son and his GF live in downtown Minneapolis and I wonder what they think of all the stuff that's been going on. He's not a fan and also hates "celebrity worship", so I can just imagine. Fun story you shared and yes, far too young to die.

sage said...

So you didn't try to catch up with him? That's a nice memory. I liked some of his songs, but by the mid-80s, I was already living in Classic Rock territory

Ed said...

Kymber - I'm fairly certain our cheerleaders did a routine to the same song!

Kelly - I remember that song. I never bought an entire album and after checking, I don't have any Prince sang music at all. I do have Sinead O'Connor's version of Nothing Compares to You and interestingly enough, a Warren Zevon version of Raspberry Beret. I forgot about that until the computer spit it back out at me when I did a search for Prince.

Sage - I did but that car at the time and which I still drive today only has slightly over 90 horsepower. With four adults in the car, there was no catching him.

Bob said...

Like Kelly, I've been a bit amazed at all the media coverage and obviously I was not a fan because, although I was familiar with some of his songs, I didn't know they were HIS songs. His death and subsequent coverage of same confirms how out of it I am regarding pop/rock or whatever genre he would be considered.

Ed said...

Bob - I probably wouldn't have batted an eyelash at his passing if it weren't for the chance meeting along the road.

Vince said...

I can only say he was an image in the background of my life. If I was to bring up an image I could, but for the life of me I couldn't recall a song of his.