Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Starting Drawers

Before I left on vacation, I was able to get a start on making the drawers. Because I started off with much cheaper rough sawn lumber, I have quite a bit more work that I have to do first. I rough cut all the drawer pieces to length and since none of the boards were wide enough to make the drawers as deep as they needed to be for a file cabinet drawer, I had to match pieces together to make sure they would be wide enough. I then ran all the boards through the joiner to put one smooth edge on each board and then ripped them to rough width on the table saw. I then used my biscuit joiner to glue and biscuit up most of the drawer sides. I ran out of clamps and biscuits and decided to call it a day.

Once the glue dries on the last pair of boards, I will scrape off the excess glue runs and then plane the boards on both sides so that they are nice and smooth on both sides.  (Had I started with higher priced prefinished stuff, I could have jumped immediately to this point in the process.) I will then have to cut all the pieces to their final size and then get started adding the mating joints that will allow them to form drawers. I'm sure I'll post more of that process later.


Kelly said...

I admire the fact you saved money and used the pieces that required more effort. I'm sure my lazy self would have spent the extra. ;) Then again...I'd have to hire someone to begin with!

Ed said...

Kelly - It was also a trial run of sorts because they carry a lot more variety of woods than my local big box store that I hope to utilize in other projects someday.