Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Carcasses

Excuse the mess in the background please! It didn't take me too long to process the four sheets of plywood into carcasses for the bookshelf above and the mini closet/nightstand/dresser below. By now, I have the process down pat though I still had a slight problem. I'm guessing my skilsaw blade isn't set quite perpendicular because when I screwed in one side of the shelves on both projects, they tended to go askew until I got the other side added and squared up. I'm guessing it is only off a couple degrees but it shouldn't be. I need to check that again before I do anything more with it.

Despite the mountain of plywood scraps building up in the corner below, I didn't have enough to save myself from buying a 4th sheet of plywood despite only needing about 3 and a third sheets for these two projects. Everything was about an inch or more too narrow. So I ended up with two thirds of a sheet left over that I no longer need for the rest of this project. Rather than try and store is somewhere in my already packed garage where it will inevitably get dinged up and marred, I think I am going to use it to create a bonus project for another part of the house. More on that later.

Next up building the face frames, attaching them and then staining everything.


Kelly said...

You've got me curious as to what the bonus project will be. Hey, every room in the house can benefit from bookshelves. Any size or shape. Just a suggestion. ;)

Vince said...

I was thinking about a pull out like a upright drawer for the area beside the bed.

Ed said...

Kelly - I'm in complete agreement!

Vince - I think what I have planned will work nicely. I don't want to put too much storage there or my wife will fill it up and then when guests arrive, she will cram it into my closet until they are gone.