Monday, March 14, 2016

Drove My Honda To the Levee and the Levee was Dry

My apologies to Don McLean because Honda doesn't have the same ring as Chevy.

Spring has come a second time to this part of the world, the first being around mid February. For the next ten days, we are forecasted to get temps in the mid 60's and so we decided to celebrate with a long walk along the river levee on the outskirts of town. The river although not in flood stage is full and has been for nearly a month now. Because we haven't gotten much snow this winter, those in the know have been gradually reducing their flooding outlook for our area from a 60% chance to a 46% chance, slightly less than a coin flip.

Like most days anymore, I just carry my phone camera with me because I find it more enjoyable than lugging around my big DSLR. Sometimes like above where I saw a couple eagles out fishing, I wish I had my big DSLR to get some closeups of them fishing. But most of the time I am impressed at what my simple phone camera can do. Take the picture below for example. It was a windy day and the plants that I was taking a picture of were flapping back and forth in the breeze over a foot side to side. Yet the phone has fast enough shutter speed to get a fairly decent picture.


Kelly said...

I always think eagles are impressive - close up or at a distance.

I really like that last shot! Nothing is dry around here at the moment.

Ed said...

Kelly - I like them too although living along a river means I take them for granted more than others do. I remember in my younger years, seeing one bald eagle a year was a rare event that everyone talked about. Now I can go out on this stretch of water almost all year long and see dozens. I'm not complaining!

I read about your rain event! We've had a fairly dry winter with not much snow and just a touch of rain thus far. I'm kind of dreading that we may be in for a dry spring. The water in the background is a back lagoon of the river which is high due to much more snow those north of us received this year. They ended up on the receiving end of the monster El Nino in the Pacific.