Friday, February 19, 2016

Will It All Fit Together?

The last of the pieces are hopefully built with the exception of how I will eventually tie it into the ceiling to give it a built in look. I will probably wait to do that until after I get the accompanying storage/closet cabinet on one side and a bookcase on the other side built and installed so I can do everything at once.

I was able to sneak out and finish applying multiple coats of polyurethane and get everything carried down to the basement where I will do the final assembly once it spends some time in a warm environment to fully cure. If all goes well, we should get it assembled this weekend but may not have a mattress to put in it since we haven't even looked for one yet. Hopefully you can still buy mattresses less than 12 inches thick these days.

As I was reading through the assembly instructions, I had to laugh because almost every step requires the aide of a helper. The building instructions also listed the need of a helper on several steps and thus far, I have done everything myself. When you have the time, I enlist the aide of jigs and such to help me while the rest of the world is out working on their 9 to 5 jobs. None the less, by getting this ready to assemble this weekend, I have a helper albeit and small petite one, to help me if necessary.

This part of the process always scares me a bit. I have invested a lot of time and energy to bring this project this far and if the assembly doesn't go smoothly and the whole thing looks like crap, it is all for not. It has happened and then I have to come up with solutions to cobble things together to make it work even if it doesn't look attractive. It keeps me up at nights sometimes so I'll be glad to get it done so I can move onto worrying about other things.


sage said...

I don't think you'll have to worry about it not looking good--your a. Craftsman

Ed said...

Sage - At least I enjoy pretending to be one!

Kelly said...

The moment of truth!!

Seriously, I'm with Sage in that I don't think you have any worries. No pretensions about it - you ARE a craftsman.

kymber said...

you'll do fine Ed...but i do understand about assembling/building things by yourself when they really are a 2 person job. jambaloney put in our attic ladder thingy by himself and it almost near killed him. but like the others already said - i have faith in your ability to get this thing put together - you'll figure it out!

your friend,

Vince said...

Looking very good. Looking very good indeed.

Bob said...

I'm pulling for you!

Ed said...

Kelly - The first time I swing the bed up to see if it fits into the cabinet, I will be holding my breath.

Kymber - I'm always amazed at what I can accomplish when I don't have help but still need to get things done. I used to read the blog of a fellow who built his entire house by himself and I often think of him in situations like this.

Vince - Thanks!

Bob - Thanks!

Leigh said...

It's been looking so good that I can't imagine it won't be perfect!