Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Jambaloney is blogger up in Canada whom can do just about anything with nothing. He takes scraps of wood, plastic and tin and can whip up an entire building. In fact, I have long suspected he is the son of Canadian Red Green but just doesn't have the duct tape gene. He was the inspiration for this post so I decided to put his name in the title.

After many coats of polyurethane, my largest and heaviest piece of the Murphy bed I was building was ready to be moved. The only part was that it was just a bit too heavy and awkward for me alone to move. I debated on trying to get my wife to help out moving it but she just doesn't have the strength and there isn't really an unfinished side to sit it down and rest on the journey from the garage, around the backside of the house and through the basement to the office. When she helped move the cabinets, we frequently had to sit the unfinished backsides down to rest or get things better lined up.

Plan B was to create a Facebook post about it trying to use subtle wording to get someone to volunteer to help me move it but that didn't pan out. So I moved onto Plan C which was to call people I knew. The problem is that most of the people I know who have time to do things in the middle of the day aren't physically up to moving heavy objects down an icy grass covered slope and into my basement office. I called upon a couple youngish guys I know who work from home and sometimes have time during the day but they were both gone. I was down to plan D which I hadn't even come up with yet. That is when I asked myself, "What would Jambaloney do?"

I started out by sliding it off my improvised bench and standing it up on its side on an old painters tarp I had. I tried lifting it using my shoulders on the inside edge but it was just too heavy and awkward and not enough clearance. If I was seven foot tall, it might have worked but I'm not. I could lift one end up easily though so I just needed a way to drag it all that way without damaging it. I got my old dolly that I've had for years and aired up the tires that are perpetually flat and slipped it under the heavier end. I lifted up on the opposite end and thought I might actually be onto something. I searched through my piles of ropes, straps and tie downs and found two that were just barely long enough to go around the thing end for end and hold it firmly to the cart. I put another shorter one around the middle just to help hold the painters tarp in place.

Well I was able to grab onto the bottom strap as sort of a handle and lift up on my end and walk backwards pulling the entire thing like a top heavy wagon. I made it about four feet before I absolutely smashed the heck out of my hand between the Murphy bed and the garage door header. At least it was my hand and not the Murphy bed. Smarting with pain, I was still able to make it all the way down the icy grassy slope and into the basement without mishap. It is now safely resting on my newly carpeted floor so I can continue making the rest of the pieces in the freed up space in my garage. And I did it all myself with what I had around me. Thanks Jambaloney!


Kelly said...

Good job and good thinking! (But sorry about the hand - you have to wonder how often MacGyver hurt himself)

jambaloney said...

you are welcome ;-)

i must say you really improvised for that one and it is something i might do... 2 degrees away from complete disaster - LOL!

glad you were able to get it into the basement - it looks amazing, your kung fu is better than mine!


Bob said...

Guess you took one for the team - - - or the bed. Good job! Can't wait to see the next installment.

Ed said...

Kelly - Other than a minor abrasion that is just about healed over, my hand is back to normal. You bring up a point about television, people take bullets and have less things to say than I did when I hit my hand!

Jambaloney - When we moved into our house, I did something similar with a dresser and it tipped over part way down the hill and rolled the rest of the way. I had to spend time patching it back up. I learned from that though and used straps this time so if anything was going to tip, it would be everything together and it would have to take me out in the process!

Bob - The next installment might be awhile. Between the cold snap and the events in our life, I have yet to cut another board for the project. I hope to remedy that later this morning.

Leigh said...

So Plan D is "what would Jambaloney do" LOLOL. There's a good source of inspiration. :)

Vince said...

Wow, that's a bit thing to shift on your own.