Monday, February 15, 2016

In Pieces

With warmer weather starting to arrive, albeit with quite a bit of snow, I have started making progress again on the Murphy bed. What you see above leaning here and there are hopefully the rest of the major pieces for the closet. The two longer ones leaning on the left are the cabinet sides, the one leaning on the pile of scraps in the center will be the headboard, the one leaning to the right will be the cabinet top with holes cut in it for reading lights and the rod will attach to the fold out legs when the bed is in use.

In an attempt to maximize my limited space and to make more efficient use of my time, I attached scrap pieces of wood to the ends of the longer pieces. This should allow me to finish one side, flip it over and then finish the other side all in one shot. I will know later this morning if that works well or not.

The splotches of tan colored substance is wood putty. Since these are made of plywood for structural strength, the exposed edges look less than attractive and must be covered with veneer. I can buy veneer tape in 25 ft rolls and it applies reasonably well but just attaching it to a plywood surface will never make it perfect, at least with my skill set and available tools. So I end up applying putty to the hairline gaps and defects and will sand it out before I finish it. With a dark stain, it shouldn't be visible at all. At least that's the plan.


Kelly said...

I can hardly wait to see this all finished! The book I was reading last night made mention of a murphy bed and I thought about you.

sage said...

It is coming together!

Ed said...

Kelly - It was probably an old book. I haven't seen modern references to a Murphy bed since everyone buys mansions with plenty of bedrooms these days.

Sage - Thanks!

kymber said...

i can't wait to see it finished! it is a lot of work but i would sell one of my cats for a murphy bed! bahahahahahah!

your friend,

Bob said...

This is going be a masterpiece and like Kelly, I can't wait to see the finished product. If I were younger, I would humbly ask to come be your apprentice!

Ed said...

Kymber - If I ever need a cat, I'll take you up on the offer!

Bob - Perhaps like all artists, I wouldn't call my work a masterpiece. I wouldn't even call myself an artist. A tinkerer of wood perhaps!

kymber said...

Ed - i am giving you this head's up only because i consider you a friend....don't ever take one of my 3 cats - they are all fat, lazy and do nothing but eat! mice, squirrels and birds sit on their heads - AND that's only if they decide to go outside! these cats are useless.

i'll still take a murphy bed built by you tho. and you'll have to pay the shipping. that's how friends roll.

sending love to you all! your friend,