Friday, January 22, 2016

Under Cabinet Lighting

Because I like to work with wood and spend quite a bit of time sitting at my office desk drawing out plans for my next project, I like having adequate lighting. Always before, when I was lining up a straight edge, I had to know where my light source was so that I could see the marks on my paper and not loose them in the shadows. So when I redid the drywall, I made sure to add a light switch and a wire for lighting that I planned to add when I got the upper cabinets installed. Before starting the lower cabinet installation which you can see in the bottom right of the picture, I thought it best to go ahead and install the under cabinet lighting while I had easy access. In fact, I did it while sitting in my rolling office chair. How lazy is that?! It had a junction box that I hard wired to my switch and attached underneath the far right cabinet. I then screwed up my four 18" LED lights to the center of each cabinet box, drilled some holes between the boxes on the bottom side and daisy chained the lights with the provided cables. The cables were only about 12" long which was a problem when the two center cabinets were offset from the two end cabinets by 12". Fortunately the manufacturer also sold 30" cables so I bought a couple of them to go around the offset. Because those wires were visible, I cut two pieces of plywood and cut a slot for the wire to pass through on one end and screwed them in place on the exposed ends underneath the shorter center cabinets. The wires are now completely invisible unless you stick your head underneath for a gander. I can't wait to try them out when I get my desk surface in place.


Kelly said...

Proper lighting is vital, so you've done well to think this through at every step of your project! So much easier than trying to go back after the fact.

sage said...

Good idea--having enough light is critical.

Bob said...

Yep, you can do so much more with good lighting. It's great you get to take care of details like that as you go. You're making great progress!

Vince said...

You might look into LED's in strips. I got a 300 led one before Christmas and I've never seen the room so bright.

Ed said...

Kelly - Well I didn't think of everything. I left it coming out of the ceiling not realizing that the overhead cabinets didn't go up to the ceiling. Fortunately I was able to cut a hole in the wall and fish the wires down there so they could be hidden.

Sage - I love it!

Bob - Thanks!

Vince - I did look into strips but they were quite a bit more expensive and had to have a transformer to convert down to low voltage DC. The rigid LED lights I got could be direct wired right into AC that I ran from the wall switch controlling them.