Friday, January 29, 2016

Stained... Moving Onward

As you can see, I got the desk top in place. I definitely wish it could have turned out better but it is functional and that means more to me anyway especially since it is essentially built in cabinetry that I can't take with me should we ever move. My dilemma was that I had essentially an eleven foot wide space and cabinet grade plywood comes in eight feet lengths. I had to have a seam somewhere. If I put a full sheet of plywood along one side, the joint came near the main working area in the middle which would make it more visible. If I centered a full sheet of plywood, that meant I would have two seams, one on either end but would be more hidden with office equipment. The solution I would have liked to do was just make a solid wood surface eleven foot long but that is a lot of time and expense for little gain in my opinion. So in the end, I went with the two seams, one on each end and called it a day. On a side note, the two rectangular holes are for a surface mounted power strip with two USB ports that I mounted after finishing all the wood. Now I have plenty of space to plug in electronics and charge them without having to crawl underneath the desk to stick it in an outlet.

One of my frustrations with working with oak is that it is hard to stain a dark color. Always before I look at the selection of cans of stains and always choose the darkest one and in the end, it comes out honey oak colored instead. However, during a recent trip to the paint store, I noticed that they also have stains and can tint them any color. So when it came time to stain the office cabinets, I decided to give them a try. I found a color sample for oak wood and the nice young man mixed pigments into the stain and actually rubbed it on a piece of oak that he had until we got to the color I wanted. Best of all, the stain was only about a couple dollars more expensive than that in the big box store where the color is take it or leave it. Needless to say, I'm going to this paint store for all my future staining needs, especially since I tend to make most of my projects out of oak which is cheap and plentiful to find around town. Also notice in the above picture that I made some shelves for the upper cabinets. I'm not sure if I will use the shelves in the middle two cabinets but since I was making them out of leftover scraps and I had plenty to use, I decided to make them now anyway. Once we get all the office supplies moved into place, I can decide whether or not I need them or if we want to go with two shelves in one of the end cabinets since all the shelves are the exact same size.

Although I did move the computer, printers and such over to the new desk so I could get the old desk out of the way, I am done with the office part of the project for the time being. Later I will come back and build the drawers and doors to finish it. While I have the garage space tied up, I am turning my focus onto the Murphy bed. What you see above is the inner frame for the bed support part of it. The Murphy bed is going to be a queen sized bed and will fold up vertically to fit the space on the opposite wall as the custom office. I also plan to build a small closet/drawer combo for guests to store their things in along with a bookcase for scrapbooks, photo albums and such. I hope to get the majority of the Murphy bed pieces built this coming week while we are expecting to get "warmer" temperatures and them carry them all downstairs to stain in the dust free environment of the office. Once it is ready to assembly, I need to put down the carpet before assembling the Murphy bed. My deadline is mid June for all this and I should have plenty of time however I would like to get this project wrapped up by early spring anyway so that I can devote my efforts towards outdoor projects I have in mind. The Honey-Do list never seems to get any smaller.


jambaloney said...

man oh man i cannot believe how good that looks !!!

and inpirational - we WILL be revamping our computer room now for certain - it looks absolutely perfect ed - great job!!!!

Kelly said...

I really like the stain on this - it looks great!

I'm still fascinated with the whole Murphy bed thing, so I'm really looking forward to following the progress.

I thought y'all were due a snow storm next week (I always keep an eye on what my son is forecast in MN). We're in the mid-70s today. :)

sage said...

Nice work!

Ed said...

Jambaloney - Thanks! I'm excited to see your porch/kitchen upgrade coming up!

Kelly - Thus far, we are on the southern edge of the worst part and only expected to get a couple inches. But it is still a long ways off and I know how easily it can change to being right in the eye. We shall wait and see.

Sage - Thanks!

Vince said...

Very professional.

Bob said...

Looks great, Ed, and should you sell one day, these buit-ins could be a big plus. Well done!

Leigh said...

No, that honey-do list never gets shorter, LOL. But your project is looking very good and you should feel good about it.

Ed said...

Leigh - Job/marriage security!