Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Back In the Remodeling Saddle

If you recall, one of the last cold days we had this year, my wife asked if we could start tearing apart the office. I had wanted to just wait until this winter to start but because I love my wife, I said sure and we dug in. We got about three fourths of it gutted and then it was warm enough to devote our energy elsewhere, namely outside. It is amazing what you can get used to but getting used to a mostly demo'd room was pretty easy.

Time waits for no man and with my brother-in-law and family arriving for an extended stay in just six months and colder weather arriving, it was time to start in again on the project. I finally finished the rest of the gut job on the part drywall/part wood paneled walls along with the carpet and linoleum tile on the floor. What you see above is me standing in the doorway to this room and using the panorama feature on my phone to see most of all four walls. My least favorite part of home remodeling has been completed and now it is time to start putting things back together.

On my immediate list to do is to replumb a garden spigot that leads out to my garage which is the right wall in the above picture. The garden spigot is too close to my new garage floor to attach a garden hose without kinking it. Also, the line going to it hangs down below the joist bay since the old ceiling hung six inches below it. My new ceiling will be attached directly to the joist bay so I have to move the water line up a few inches.

The entire room had three can lights. The old can lights were six inch versions so the effect was having three high power beams pointing downward and yet didn't really adequately light the room. Since it is going to be an office as well as a winter exercise room besides an overflow bedroom, I want to improve the lighting a bit. I'm opting for smaller can lights but more of them.

There are three outlets in the entire room and only two of them worked. The third which I just recently uncovered, had no wire to it for reasons I don't know. By modern standards, it isn't enough for a bedroom much less a working office so I need to install lots more outlets.

The two concrete walls are essentially outside walls though the one on the right is below my garage floor. I initially thought I would install closed cell foam panels up for insulation and with some wood lathe, make some runs so I could install some electrical outlets on those two sides which currently have none. However, my plan calls for a Murphy Bed that folds up out of the way 99% of the time when we don't need it and I thought it needed more to anchor it than just construction adhesive. So in the end, though I'm giving up some precious space, I think I am going to stud both walls floor to ceiling. I can add some insulation and a vapor barrier to make the room warmer this way as well.

Above is how it looked before. This area which coincides with the left side of the top photo will be a built in office desk and storage cabinets.

This picture is how it looked on the other half of the room and coincides with the right side of the top photo. Gone are the horrible looking closets. Where the left closet was will be the new Murphy bed and where the right closet was will be some shelving and perhaps a really small closet for guests.


Kelly said...

I admire those who can do their own renovations like this, particularly electrical.

A Murphy bed. Now that's something you don't see very often anymore.

Ed said...

Kelly - I do most of my own electrical work but I do call in the experts if it gets beyond me at times and it does, especially with three way lights. However, the office remodel is pretty standard stuff with mostly outlets and a couple two way lights.

I have never seen a Murphy bed outside of television but in this case where we didn't have room for a bed or a couch/futon bed so it seems like the ideal solution other than an inflatable bed which I have never had good luck with for comfort. I've found lots of sites that sell Murphy beds as kits or just the retractable gear. I haven't decided which route I'm going to go yet.

Bob said...

Quite impressive. Your little ones will be begging to sleep in that Murphy Bed!