Monday, November 16, 2015

Wrapping up the Details

It's been busy month and if the past is any indication, it's only going to get busier from here until next year. Still I manage to find some time here and there to fuss over the details of my box project that I'm building. Although it is probably pretty obvious with this post what it will be for, the glue is still drying and I need a post, so I will show you pictures of it before I put the contents into it. Once that happens, I can do one final post.

The above picture shows the finish on the outside which I chose to go with a darker color even though it doesn't make the accent inlays stand out as much. I think it just gives it or more antique feeling that I seem to like in most of my projects.

Below shows the inside of the project. This was by far the most time consuming part of the project. I made an inside liner for the box that was rabbited to hold a tray that can slide back and forth or be removed completely along with with some customized pieces in each part for the end function of the box. I used some new type of hardware that I haven't used before to keep the outside of the box completely barren of accessories. The hinges are concealed barrel hinges, one of which you can see on the right side of the box. When they came, their diminutive size had me worried but after installing them, they see big enough though I wouldn't make a box any bigger and still use them. I also used an inset lid stop to keep the lid from falling over backwards.

I lined everything in black felt which was actually harder than I thought to find. After stopping in at the local fabric store, I was unable to locate any and the only other possibility was a trip to the urban jungle or the local super Walmart, neither very appealing to me so I took a gamble and ordered some from online. I ended up selecting some that was labeled as black velvet upholstery hoping that it would be fairly heavy in weight and it was which made it perfect.

I still have to attach the leather bottom to the project and then fill it with the intended items and it will be done. Next up I need to get cracking on the office/spare bedroom remodeling project because June and my brother-in-law will be here before I know it.


Bob said...

That is beautiful, Ed. As one who is inept at such things, I am greatly impressed at your skill and talent. I look forward to seeing it with its contents.

Ed said...

Bob - I'm not sure how I picked up woodworking since my dad is anything but a woodworker. I guess that high school woodworking class stuck on me and I've kept it up.

Kelly said...

I really like the dark stain and how the black interior looks. I'm impressed!

kymber said...

jam and i are both blown away at your skill! that is a treasure in a box to treasure!!! and it sure would make a beautiful gift for any nekkid canadians that you might know - bahahahahah!

jam is amazed at your attention to detail. me, i just want that box!!!

sending much love to you and yours! your friend,

sage said...

That is very nice!

Vince said...

Looking good.

Ed said...

Kelly - I thought so too.

Kymber - I'm sure Jam could make you something similar!

Sage - Thanks.

Vince - Thanks.