Monday, November 9, 2015

Wood Art

I am captivated by trees in the woods and some of the many shapes they take. Here in the U.S. though I pass by them and occasionally take a picture. In the Philippines, someone would have take the root ball of that tree, polished it out and turned it into a work of art. If I had the ambition and the strength to carry that tree over a mile of rugged trail back to the car, perhaps I might have done something similar.

There had been a lot of wind damage along the trail from a storm earlier this summer as evidenced by all the downed trees with dead leaves on them. I found this stump in an area with several downed trees, including one blocking the trail that we had to walk under. This one had exploded at the base of its trunk and fell over with someone coming along afterwards to cut the top part of the tree away. Looking at this, I felt I was looking at a giant wooden flower.

Just a picture I was trying to be artsy fartsy with a yellow leaf and some sort of nest that had fallen beside it in the leaf litter.

I've been hiking this trail for well over three decades so I'm sure I knew this tree in its glory days but they have long passed by. I've never seen a tree decay in quite this way and found it neat enough to take a picture.

When I arrived at the city park to pick up the kids after my walk back to the vehicle, I was putting the off road stroller back into the vehicle when I noticed a stick in it. Thinking it was just another stick that my kids are always picking up, I tossed it into the leaf litter on the ground, put the stroller away and thought nothing more about it. We decided to eat dinner at a local cafe a couple blocks away and as we were sitting down to order, my asked about the stick which I told her I had thrown away. She was upset and I couldn't convince her otherwise because she said it had been a special stick. So while waiting for our food, she and my wife walked back to the park and found the stick again. When they came back and showed it to me, I understood why it was special. Other than the the new wood visible where I cut off about a foot of the branch that was 'extra', it is as they found it. It is also the first initial of my youngest daughter.


Kelly said...

When I saw your title, I expected to see things you've made from wood... perhaps like the Cypress knees a friend of mine polishes and paints to look like Santa Clauses.

You're right... there is plenty of wood "art" right in front of our eyes if we look for it and you've shown us some good examples. I've enjoyed seeing how the trees in our pond (left as structure) have weathered and evolved over the years.

Ed said...

Kelly - Someday when I get everything accomplished off my to-do list, I would like to do nothing but creative things with woodworking. Maybe in 20 years or so...

sage said...

Great shots--nature can also be an artist

Ed said...

Sage - Nature is the best artist... at least in my opinion.