Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Potpourri

Fall is definitely leaving for more southern reaches and though I am sad to see it go, we've had a good run this year. It seemed as if we are well into our third month of cool night time temperatures and pleasant daytime temperatures. We had a dry start to fall which put a damper on the leaf color which wasn't as good this year as it can be. It was still nice.

My old cellphone was disappointingly wearing out. For some reason, it didn't last as long as the one I had before it. The buttons were not functioning properly some of the time, there were large dead spots on the touch screen and the battery life was a matter of hours with light use instead of the days long with heavy use that it was in the beginning. All those I was able to live with but it got to wear it was extremely hard to charge. The plug would go in and as long as I pushed it to apply some pressure it would charge but when I let go, it would stop charging. Not wanting to stand there for several hours holding the cable while my phone charged, I would futz with it for several minutes until I got it to charge without me holding it. However, anyone who walked by and bumped the table where we charge our gadgets would disrupt my charging zen and I would come back a couple hours later to get my fully charged phone only to find it with less charge than when I started. So I cringed and bought a new phone. The above picture is the first one I took to check the new and improved camera functionality of it.

It was fairly breezy that day so all the leaves are a bit blurry but it did a good job for being a panoramic photo. As you can see, I'm not big on raking my yard. For starters, I like the free fertilizer and try to mulch them in as much as possible. Secondly, I have a lot of oak trees which hang onto their leaves well into winter and even on into spring so it is a never winning project. Finally, since we live in southern Iowa, are major snow periods are January and February. In November and December, we typically don't get much snow but do get winter winds. Just a few nights ago, we got some 50 and 60 mph winter winds whipping through the area so all my leaves were replaced by those from somewhere upwind of me. It couldn't help but snicker at those that have been out raking leaves for the last two weeks to make their lawns look immaculate. Not only is it time consuming, but they have to pay to buy bags to put their leaves in to get hauled to the recycling center where it is turned into mulch. Now after the wind, they have to pay and redo all that labor to do it again, all so their lawn looks "clean" until it is covered in snow... or the next wind storm undoes it again.


sage said...

Nice looking yard. In Michigan, with big maples, I had a lot of ranking and it was impossible to mulch it all in, but here, where we get just a few leaves (mostly from sweet gum and water oaks) I do just mow over them and mulch it all in. My iphone takes incredible photos and I find myself toting a camera less and less.

Ed said...

Sage - I tote my "real" camera less and less too. These days, I usually only tote it if I need a zoom lens.

Kelly said...

It's a lovely photo and it makes me want to get out and use that panorama feature more.

We had a very dry late summer and fall, too, so there's a lot of brown mixed in with our leaves that have turned. Of course the storms over the past couple of days did a number on everything, so I'm not sure things will be as pretty as normal.

Ed said...

Kelly - I have fallen in love with the panorama feature. I guess because it gives me a sense of actually being there rather than looking through a window that a normal picture feels like.