Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's All Good, Even If We're Now Broke

Marrying someone of a different nationality means marrying into a different culture. Things aren't going to be your cookie cutter Midwestern life all the time. Fortunately, I was open to those sorts of things and have gotten used to them for the most part.

After my wife's mother retired from work, she wanted to travel some and spend more time in the United States. She initially tried for a ten year multi-entry visa and was denied two times before she was accepted on the third try which happened to be when the current occupant of the Whitehouse was elected. Being plugged into the visa coconut telegraph so to speak, word was getting back that most people we knew who had been denied before were also being granted multi-entry visas so I'm pretty sure it was due to what they call a policy shift.

Fast forward seven more years and the current occupant is going to be replaced one way or the other and the next occupant of the Whitehouse may shift policy back to the way it was. So we decided that we needed to have my wife's brother and his wife and kids apply for a visa while the getting was good so to speak. This meant we had to send a large amount of money to them to pay for all the paperwork and interviews which we did. A couple weeks ago they completed all the paperwork and interviews and were granted a ten year multiple entry visa into the United States... on their first try.

That means we are officially broke.

Because the Philippines is a poor country and though my brother-in-law is probably considered middle class over there, it is still not enough money to fly him, his wife and three kids halfway around the world on vacation. So we will have to pony up the money to get them over here. It will be there first trip outside of their native country and fortunately, they aren't coming until next summer so we still have some time to save up our pennies until then to help finance this expedition.

I'm glad that my brother-in-law is coming over to see his sister and visit our country. I explain all the time how expensive it is to live here when he wonders why we aren't super rich since we earn ten times more money than he does. I can only do so much explaining but judging on my mother-in-law's experiences, they quickly see how things work over here and understand. We aren't the land of milk and honey but we still have opportunity if you want to put in the effort.

They will be visiting us for three weeks next summer and I'm guessing this might eventually lead to answering the question of whether or not they want to move permanently to the United States. Up until now, I have gotten the sense they don't want too but from their excitement of being granted visas, I'm not so sure anymore. The only thing I know for sure is that for a few weeks next year, our household will go from five occupants to ten and possibly twelve if my wife's two aunts come over as I'm sure they are want to do.

It's all good.


sage said...

You are a good man to be so accommodating to your wife and her family. It sounds like you need to go into the hotel business! Enjoy their visit.

Kelly said...

Good for you for your forward thinking on getting their visas now. Better safe than sorry.

It sounds like your house is going to be an exciting, busy place next summer!

Vince said...

You're basically a blooming saint, or nuts, OR both.

Ed said...

Sage - Fortunately my wife's culture is used to cramped quarters by our standards anyway and are happy to make due with what they have. Once I get the office/spare bedroom fixed up, no one will have to sleep on the floor.

Kelly - I'm actually looking forward to it. I really like my brother-in-law and his family and want to give them the U.S. experience since this is their first time out of their country.

Vince - I'm leaning more towards nuts but I have learned to adjust to these situations over the years.