Friday, September 25, 2015

The Final Skunk Tale

If you would indulge me, one last skunk tale that I'm pretty sure I blogged about long ago on this blog but can't seem to find it. The scene. We were walking with my aunt and her family looking for mushrooms near her home, 40 miles from our house. We had come up as a family even bringing my dog Ted who rode between my brother and I in the back seat of the small hatchback car that would later become my college car and the star of my previous post about a skunk tail.

We were done hunting mushrooms and walking back towards the vehicles when my dog came running up towards us foaming at the mouth and sneezing. Instantly from lots of past experience, I knew he had been skunked. Choking in the fumes, we poured some water over my dogs face which helped alleviate the foaming of the mouth and sneezing but didn't alleviate the odor one bit. The second problem which we didn't have an answer for was how to get home 40 miles away with a dog that was freshly skunked.

Have you ever driven 40 miles down the road with your head hanging out the window? My father did that day. My mother had her head out the other window. Unfortunately for my brother and I, the rear windows were just the tilt out variety so we couldn't get our heads out but we had our noses sticking out as far as our foreheads would let us. It was a long drive home. Oh what a sight we must have been to see us coming down the roads with every ones heads and noses out the window with a dog sitting in the middle of the car just as happy as can be.


sage said...

That is a funny picture (the car with heads out all windows) but probably more funny today than then.

Ed said...

Sage - I'm pretty sure we were all laughing at our predicament even back then.

Kelly said...

Oh my described this scene well and I can totally picture it all, laughing as I do!