Friday, September 11, 2015

Sleep Laughing

No big surprise to reveal in this post but I have dreams. Also like most people, I don't remember them for the most part. There are rare exceptions to this. Once while taking a drug during an illness as a teenager, one of the side effects was vivid dreaming and man they weren't kidding. The two that I can still remember was riding with my mom on a ferris wheel after she had been mummified and trying to get my younger brother out from a crack in the couch where he was stuck. I know the last one doesn't really make sense but it was absolutely terrifying at the time. After waking up in cold sweats a couple nights in the row, something I have never done before or since, it got to the point where I tried to stay up as long as possible to prevent them from occurring. On the other end of the spectrum, I occasionally have a dream so memorable, that I do remember them long enough to commit them to memory... or this blog. Recently however, I had a completely different kind of dream.

It was probably three or four in the morning and I woke myself up laughing hysterically. I quickly realized what I was doing and stopped but I felt that tickle in my chest one gets when very amused at something. I didn't want to wake up my wife but I knew she would get a kick out of what had caused me to laugh myself awake. I dozed off to sleep again thinking I would tell her in the morning and we could both laugh about my dream.

A few days later, my wife asked me what had been so funny that I had laughed myself awake.  She had heard me after all. Unfortunately, I had forgotten what had been so funny in my dreams but I still couldn't help but getting that tickle in my chest when she mentioned it. Subconsciously my mind must still remember. Although I wouldn't mind having dreams so funny that I laugh myself awake, I'm not sure my wife would like being in the same bed or even same room with someone randomly laughing hysterically in the middle of the night.


sage said...

Laughing dreams are nice but not that often, at least for me. Mine are not generally "nightmares" but I only occasionally remember laughing. I do try to write down dreams in the morning (and sometimes will get up and write down the dream in the middle of the night).

Ed said...

Sage - That was my first laughing dream so I expect to be in my mid 80's before I get the next one at this rate! My most common dream is about home remodeling. I'm working on a project during the day and dreaming about doing it at night. Not the most relaxing kind of dream for sure.

Kelly said...

I've been a vivid dreamer my entire life and have learned that if I want to remember them to share, I must think back over all the finer points immediately upon wakening. Of course they often don't make sense, but at least I remember them. While I wouldn't say they are nightmares (I've had a few of those), many are vaguely unpleasant and I'm usually happy to wake up.

My youngest child is a lucid dreamer. I can't do that, but I can sometimes go back to a dream and pick up where I left off after getting up during the night.

Dreams are funny things and in your case, evidently quite literally. I've woken up crying a few times (something I rarely do while awake), but never laughing.

Vince said...

I find if I've eaten something that doesn't agree with me will cause vivid dreams. I suppose there's little point in saying to you if it continues you should get it checked out.

Leigh said...

Dan has asked me that on occasion after I awoke, but I could only draw a mental blank! Who knows what we're laughing at. :)

Ed said...

Kelly - I can sometimes pick up a good dream where I left off but not often.

Vince - I wouldn't mind having more vivid dreams as long as they fell on the good side. Unfortunately, my dreams seem to fall in the generic category.

Leigh - The funniest thing in the world... if only we could remember what it was.