Friday, August 7, 2015

Riddle Me This

Back when I was a working stiff and due to a regular change in jobs over the years, I never had more than two weeks of vacation a year. I would have gladly taken a pay cut or forewent a pay raise for more vacation time but corporate America didn't work that way I was told. You have to work long hours for many years and then we'll give you a third week. If you sell your soul and work the rest of your life, we'll possibly give you a fourth week but by then, you'll be so old and broken your idea of a vacation is taking time off from work to get a root canal done. So I quit corporate life.

Fortunately, my wife's profession is a little bit more gratuitous and they gave her four weeks of vacation a year starting out. Granted she doesn't get paid a dime when she is gone on vacation but at least she gets to make the decision of money or time off as long as she schedules it months in advance. Fortunately, she is like me in thinking that time off with family is way more important than money. It still doesn't compared to the five or six weeks of paid vacation many other civilized countries get around the world but it is a start.

So as you can suspect, we are headed off to spend some of that hard earned UNPAID vacation time that my wife has accrued. We are heading somewhere I spent quite a bit of time as a young single adult who had recently moved to a new area and didn't yet have friends to spend weekends with. Perhaps we'll do some biking, hiking, boating and driving around or swim in a pool because the nearby water will be way too cold for swimming. Perhaps I will get a feeling of Lightfoot.

See you when I return.


sage said...

Enjoy your travels!

Vince said...

Have a good journey.

kymber said...

Ed - i can so thoroughly relate! right before i took my pension, i had 80 days of vacation accrued!!! how dumb is that! so i took those days and then decided - heck - i can retire! so i retired at the age of 40 and retired jambaloney when i was 42. we haven't looked back since. was he making a ridiculous amount of money when we retired? yes. do we care? no.

and who would have ever thought that i could bring him to the most backwards place on the planet and he would find part-time work that he actually really enjoys and keeps his skills honed, while making sure that all of our friends have and keep their jobs, and work from home and work when he wants to?

i think that we and your family are very similar. we look at everything as an opportunity, make good choices but always keep family first.

money certainly isn't everything - but if you can get it on your own terms - it helps.

i hope that you all have a wonderful vacation and make many, many memories. and i send much love.

your friend,

warren said...

Be good!