Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Buying and Selling

One thing is consistent with me when it comes to vehicles, I usually drive them until the wheels fall off. In fact, my first car I ever had, the wheels literally rusted off. The only thing holding them in place was the drive shaft and gravity. The second car I ever owned, I still have because the wheels haven't fallen off. It is eighteen years old which is pretty long in the tooth for vehicles that get driven fairly often but it is in good shape and no rust so it continues to be my vehicle.

My wife on the other hand has always wanted a new vehicle for her daily driver. I bought her a beater car when she first learned to drive which she used to dispatch a deer and a fox as well as the side of the garage. When she went through her residency and needed something a bit more reliable and with all wheel drive so she could get to work in all kinds of weather, day or night, we sold it and I bought a used CR-V off of eBay. It worked out well and we loved it to death. It could literally go anywhere while the rest of our vehicles slipped around. However, it's time was nearing. It has rust cancer developing all throughout the body. It has numerous check engine light warnings which I trouble shot as best as I could but without sinking a lot of money into it, they were going to keep coming back periodically. More troublesome to me, it started hemorrhaging oil. I think most of it was coming from a blown oil filter gasket which I fixed with an oil change but it looked like some of it might have been coming from the heads. A month ago we decided that the wheels weren't off yet but it was only a matter of time for a fifteen year old car and so we pulled the plug. We traded it off for the brand spanking new RAV4 seen above.

We still needed something with all wheel drive for my wife to get to work even in the worst of weather plus something with enough room for our family of four/five. Having been loyal to Honda, I would have liked to get another CR-V but they are having issues with the 2015 models doing more shaking than an old man holding a cup of soup in a deli. We test drove an Escape but in the end, my wife had her heart set on the RAV4. My first car, the one that the wheel eventually fell off after about 250,000 miles, was a Toyota and I've driven a couple others owned by my parents and brother for a time so I was familiar with the brand. So when my wife expressed her desire to own one, I started doing my homework. More on that in the next post.


Bone said...

I've always thought the Equinoxes (Equinoces?) were sharp. I'm not sure about anything beyond looks though.

My Jeep turned 11 this year. Honestly, and I know this isn't politically correct or environmentally friendly or whatever, but after having a V6 in my last 3 vehicles, I'm in no hurry to go back to a 4-cylinder.

Ed said...

Bone - Although Chevy has made great improvements in quality in recent years, I still think they have a way to go to catch up with Honda and Toyota. We did test drive a Ford which I liked better than the Toyota but it didn't have as good of sight line of the road which my vertically challenged wife wanted which is why we went with the Toyota.

Our Odyssey is the first six cylinder I've owned but with modern electronics, I don't think I would hesitate to buy a four cylinder. The RAV4 has a sport mode you can select at the push of a button which reprograms the engine tuning instantly and gives it a boost that rivals my six cylinder Odyssey. It is a huge step up from the four cylinder CR-V that we got just sold.