Monday, May 18, 2015

Killing Time Between Errands

While running an errand, I swung up a road I had traveled part way up some time ago to travel further down it to a park that I had heard about. I had no plans other than to see what kind of park it was and I discovered that it was merely a small parking lot off the side of the road overlooking the river and this railroad bridge used by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. While taking a picture, I noticed the river was full of what looked like chunks of ice floating downstream. It was way too late in the season for it to be ice so I zoomed out my camera and grabbed the picture below. It appears to just be foam but I have no idea from what.

On my way back to the head of the road so I could continue on with my errands, I was stopped by a coal train crossing the road. Though I missed the head of the train, there were at least a hundred fully loaded coal cars that passed by before these two engines appeared in the middle of the train. After they went by, there was another hundred plus full loaded coal cars behind them and another two engines. All told, I suspect there were six engines on this train and maybe around 250 cars full of coal, all moving at a slow walking pace. Seeing as I wasn't in too big of a hurry, I just rolled down the window and listened to them roll by for the next fifteen minutes or so.  This was most certainly the longest train I have ever seen.

Finally somewhere between the train bridge and the train track crossing, I passed by this cabin in the woods. I don't know the story of it but it caught my eye so I took a picture. It is definitely one of the older structures I know about in this area. Behind it were the bookends of a building long gone made from stone. I suspect it was a barn of some sort.


sage said...

I love watching trains and the BN certainly ships lots of coal making money for Berkshire Hathaway

Ed said...

Sage - I like watching trains though after recent events, from a safe distance away from the tracks!

warren said...

I used to see foam like that when I swam as a kid int he local river...we played in it and made foam beards, etc...I shudder to think of what it was now...but I'm still here and normal

Leigh said...

That's very curious looking foam. That's also a lot of coal! I wonder where it was going, given it's bad reputation these days.

Ed said...

Warren - Normal except for wanting to lick bells that is!

Leigh - I live near a major route where coal from the fields in Wyoming are hauled east for electric production.

I don't know what was causing the foam and I guess I don't really want to know. I certainly wouldn't eat or swim in that river and really wouldn't have even before seeing the foam. That river goes through the heart of farming country in Iowa with numerous industrial plants lining its bank.