Friday, May 15, 2015

Forty Days After Four Months

Earlier this year after the untimely death of reporter Bob Simon, I lamented on learning that he had written a book that sounded very interesting about his 40 days of captivity in Iran. The reason for my sadness was that people who had the out of print book were taking advantage of his death by trying to sell their copies on the internet for up to $2500 a copy. I never saw any sell at that price but I did see several that sold up near the $100 mark. So over the last three months, I have kept tabs on the book on various online places as they slowly dropped back to normal pricing and finally at long last, was able to purchase a used copy for $10. It will go onto my "to read" pile bookshelf for consumption as soon as the opportunity presents itself.


sage said...

Congratulations on the find. I wonder if the book will go back into publication? It seems that the sooner the publisher did it, the better, to capture the peak of his fame.

Ed said...

Sage - I think if it were going to happen, it would have already. As quickly as the demand (and thus price) for his book has fallen, I wouldn't think there would be any money left in another printing of a 30+ year old book.