Monday, May 4, 2015


Statue of George Washington in the Boston Commons

I made it back from our week in Boston. It will take my body a few days to recuperate from the hours spent pounding the pavement. I used to work all day on concrete and my body suffered from it. When I left that environment, my body healed itself and I felt like a new person but after a week of non-stop concrete where ever I went, I see that I can quickly regress back to those old familiar aches and pains. However, it was all worth the pains.

As you can see in most of my pictures, our week in Boston was a cool and mostly overcast week. Every afternoon we seemed to get a couple hours of sunshine but by then, I had been to where I had planned to go and taken my pictures so I don't have a lot of nicely lit pictures to show. Most are like these, overcast.

Flowering trees in the Boston Commons
 Most of my days started with seeing the wife out the door on the way to her convention where she spent all day listening to lectures. I would then proceed to walk or take mass transit to my destinations for the day and immerse myself in history, mostly Revolutionary era history. As expected, most of the museums I visited were dumbed down for children and not geared towards history buffs like myself so I didn't spend much time in them. I mostly just walked here and there, occasionally sitting down to read some passage out of a book about the occurrences in the past relating to the area at my feet. By late afternoon when my body was saying enough concrete, I would head back to the hotel for an hour or two to reflect on the day and write in my journal while letting my legs rest. When my wife came back, we would set off on foot looking for someplace good to eat inside and we had plenty of those places to choose from. Since our hotel was next door to the large Chinatown area, we seemed to gravitate there many of those nights.

Boston night lights
So in the coming week or two, I will sift through all the journal entries and pictures and pick out a few that might be interesting to those who read this blog. I hope you enjoy the trip back in history.

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