Monday, May 11, 2015

Boston Eats

I had great plans to go eat at this place or that place while in Boston but at the end of the day, we were both pretty tired and so we mostly took the easy way out. The easy way consisted of walking a few blocks east to Chinatown, finding someplace that looked good and eating there. It turned out to be a great plan because every place we ate in Chinatown was outstanding. On the first night we found a place that served dim sum and enjoyed the meal you see above, minus a couple containers that preceeded these. All told, it only cost us $23 with 15% tip so the price was hard to beat.

I wanted to eat a lobster roll while in Boston and while walking the Freedom Trail one day, I found a place serving them. The lobster roll tasted like something found at McDonald's unfortunately. I'm sure there are many places that make killer lobster rolls but this place certainly wasn't one of them. However, it came with a cup of clam chowder which was to die for. It doesn't look like much in this picture but I would pay lots of money to have a large pot of it on my stove right now.

On the second night in Chinatown, we popped into a place for a lobster dinner. Lobster's in Chinatown were about a third of the price as found in a steakhouse elsewhere in the city and we really wanted to try some fresh lobster, something you can't get in Iowa. We had skipped our lunches so we were starving and decided to get an appetizer while waiting for the lobsters. We asked the server what he recommended and the jellyfish and pickled Chinese radish was it. It was my first time to eat jellyfish and it was probably the best tasting dish (outside of the clam chowder) that I ate the entire trip.

Our lobster came along with a crab and a pile of Chinese greens. It was a pile of food and there was no way we could eat it all but we did make a pretty good dent in it. I think the only thing left were the shells and some of the greens. The lobster was great though it had too much ginger in it for my taste buds. Still it was perfectly cooked.

We had lots more food during the course of the week but these were the meals that stood out and I thought I would share them with you. Finally, if you ever get a chance, try the jellyfish and pickled Chinese radishes if you ever get a chance.


kymber said...

Ed - that lobster roll leaves much to be desired. and is that a regular hot dog bun???yikes! but the dim sum looks delicious! as do the lobsters but what do you mean there was too much ginger? was the lobster cooked with ginger?

i have never had jellyfish although they are plentiful down at the ocean. i am going to have to look up more about eating jellyfish...never heard of it!

your friend,

Ed said...

Kymber - It was slightly better than the average hotdog bun but yes, it left a lot to be desired. I will make sure your house is on my next trip up the coast to get the REAL DEAL!

I think the lobster was boiled with a lot of ginger in the water. It had a very strong ginger taste which is evidently a Chinese thing when it comes to lobster. My wife likes lots of ginger but I could live without the stuff.

The jellyfish was outstanding! It was like eating slightly undercooked pasta texture wife but had a good flavor. However, the pickled radishes mixed in with it were really the flavor star of the entire dish. It was my first time but I hope won't be the last.

sage said...

No Boston butts? :)

I'm glad you found Chinatown and also a good cup of clam chowder.

kymber said...

Ed - please do be sure to make a trip up - i will make you a full proper lobster as well as as many lobster rolls as you want! and boiled in ginger water???oh ick!!! i am a true cape bretoner in that when we eat our lobster we eat it plain - no butter, definitely no ginger, no nothing. you've really got me thinking about this jellyfish still doing research. and i love pickled radishes!

your friend,

Ed said...

Sage - I never thought about a Boston butt! I actually wanted to go to a steak house that served beef wellingtons because I've always wanted to try one but we never felt like it at the end of the day. After a day of walking/sitting in lectures, we just wanted casual simple fare.

Kymber - Your way of eating lobster is my way as well. Although I've always though that lobster thermidor might be nice to try once.