Monday, April 27, 2015

Please Come To Boston For the Springtime

Cousin to Kenny Loggins, Dave Loggins wrote Please Come to Boston and then disappeared. According to Wikipedia, he is still around and wrote a number of songs for other people. I've always loved that song and after four decades, I've decided to finally heed his advice and come to Boston. For my wife, it will be a working trip and for me, it will strictly be for pleasure. I plan to spend much of my time soaking up the history for it is here that the seed of our country was planted and sprang forth into a free nation. I will see you when I get back.


warren said...

I drove to Boston one time in high school. I went only so I could pee in Cheers, the bar. I wish now I had spent a little more time. But literally, I took my break, walked out and drove home to PA. Weird, huh?

sage said...

have fun with your travels--if you get to Fenway Park, I'm going to be jealous!

Anonymous said...

Huh, it's a relatively flat city. And more development in the south than the north. Odd all the same, there's no icon for Boston that I've got in my mind.