Monday, April 13, 2015

Basement Unprogress

As I suspected, the basement office remodel project got off to a slow start and then slowed down. It just seems like a shame to waste spring working in a windowless basement room. Instead I've been working in the garage this past week finishing up some projects started late last fall and putting the finishing touches on the front door. The latter project I have officially completed and crossed off the master list and later replaced with a couple more projects.

I was able to remove the two closets at the near end of the office. I'm not sure why part of the concrete was painted and the other part wasn't and since I haven't removed the rest of the drywall, I'm not sure which part is like the rest. I suspect though that originally there was only one closet and later someone added the second. In their place though I am going to build a murphy bed and some shelving after insulating and drywalling the wall.

In the top right corner, you can see my progress on the ductwork. Originally there was ductwork extending out to the top center of the picture which made the room feel incredibly small and claustrophobic. After some investigation, the outer duct was the return duct and only extended into this room to move air from a return duct up in our kitchen that doesn't exist anymore and hasn't since we bought the place. Because returns can affect heating and cooling performance in a house and we were one short of the original ones, I removed the ductwork back to the far wall of the office and put a wall register in its place so now the furnace can draw air from the office as well as the other return ducts throughout the house. I also shorted the heating duct in the bottom photo, upper left corner, which extended out to the old bulkhead to just enough space for me to build a new bulkhead next to the remaining ductwork. This will effectively give me another two and a half feet of full height ceilings in this room and really gives it a much larger appearance.

I had a ventilation guy come over to look at reducing the forced air supply side of the ductwork with something much lower profile but due to the five connections on this side of the house, it would cost more money than I was willing to spend to just gain another couple feet. Next up, I need to remove the rest of the drywall on the side with the previous water damage and possibly containing black mold. I bought a new respirator to wear while doing that instead of my normal loose fitting cotton masks. Once I get all the drywall gone, I plan to insulate the two concrete sides with closed cell foam and the other two sides with cheap fiberglass batting just for noise and then drywall everything. I suspect with all the other projects I want to get done this spring and summer, that alone will keep me working in this room until fall before I get it finished.

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