Monday, March 9, 2015

Hooked On Crack

I've been reading about a smart phone app called Trivia Crack on another other blog that I read for awhile now. It appealed to me because I like trivia and have always been pretty good at it since I do a lot of non-fiction reading and try to stay caught up on current events through newspapers, magazines and television news shows. Finally my younger brother asked me if I played Trivia Crack because his wife was tired of whipping up on him and was looking for some fresh blood. I bit the bullet and downloaded the app which was free anyway.

I played my brother a few times and he whipped up on me as I learned the ropes and learned how to effectively use the boosters that you collect with time. They have a skip booster which allows you to skip a particularly hard question, a 50/50 booster that reduced the four possible answers down to two and a double guess booster which allows you to make two attempts to answer. Normally you have to play at least one game to earn enough to use one booster so most of the time, my booster account is at zero unless I unlock some level award.

Once I had learned the ropes and was beating my brother regularly, my brother's wife challenged me and I routed her in both games we played. She hasn't challenged me again. I still play my brother on occasion but due to his work schedule, it only amounts to a few games a week. By then I was firmly addicted so I decided to branch out.

The app allows you to play random people so I started a few games with random people. The problem seemed that most people didn't want to play a stranger and just ignored the games or declined them. I eventually found one person who would accept my challenges but he has to be the worst trivia player in the world. Out of the dozen games we have played, he has won zero of them. Out of the six points you can obtain per game, the most he has obtained was two once and zero about 75% of the time. Still he accepts my challenges so I keep him around.

All this trivia has gotten the juices flowing and I actually drug out my Trivial Pursuit game during family game time a few weekends ago but found that it was almost impossible since I'm pretty sure all the questions were over 30 years old and some no longer even true anymore. I looked online to see if I could find more current questions but it seems as if Trivial Pursuit quit making their classic board games a long time ago.

Now that I am addicted to Trivia Crack, I've been branching out and trying to play games with other people I know. I found one person whom I played and beat pretty badly in the first game and then the declined to play me again thinking I was a total stranger. I let them know who I was since my username really doesn't identify me and played a second game only to run the game six straight answers which was a first time for me. I thought that might have scared them off but fortunately the third game went a lot different and after many rounds, I think I eeked out a one point victory. They beat me six straight points to zero on the fourth so I think I have a keeper.

Finally last night at a dinner party, I found a lull in the conversation and mentioned that I was addicted to Trivia Crack and right away, one of the other participants downloaded the game and started to play a random person. Does that make me a Crack dealer now?


sage said...

I've not heard of this, but when I was in Michigan, I often played on a trivial team at a local pub--it was more for fellowship as their was only 20 total questions paired with 2 hours of beer!

Ed said...

Sage - I've played on many similar pub trivia teams over the years. They are a lot of fun, especially a few beers into the evening!

ErinFromIowa said...

I love trivia. I am also useless at playing video or app games. My daughter put the game you speak of on my kindle. I managed to download the app icon into my photos. I also annoyed the crap outta my daughter when she tried to play with me. Ha!

Ed said...

Erin - That's what we parents do best, annoy the crap out of our kids!