Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bridge Over River Missouri

Killing time waiting for a museum to open, we drove down to the waterfront and decided to check out the Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge of the Missouri River. The rest of my family being poorly dressed for the weather, made it about a third of the way over the bridge but while they waited in the car, I walked over to Iowa and back. For those who don't know, Bob Kerry was a former Nebraska Governor, U.S. Senator and former Democratic Presidential nominee. If I was someone of his stature, I would be honored to have such a beautiful pedestrian bridge over a river linking two states and hundreds of miles of trails.

Being a pedestrian bridge between two states, probably something of a rarity, it was duly annotated to let you know when you were leaving one state for another. It was a fairly windy day and standing out in the middle, you could really feel the bridge moving which as an engineer, made me think of the Tacoma Narrows bridge. Fortunately for me, on this day it had a much better outcome.

The river here was making a great bend and Iowa fell on the inside of the bend so there were lots of sand bars and scrub trees. There have been time lapse photography technology for many years that allow you to see changing scenery in a particular location over time. There has also been time capsule technology for hundreds of years to give one a sense of what was happening in the past over longer periods of time. Perhaps someday they will come up with the technology to merge both into the best of two worlds, time lapse photography over centuries. I would love to see a river channel like this changing over that period of time.


Leigh said...

That bridge looks like a work of art. Did the kids like that it crossed the state line? We once had lunch at a restaurant in North Carolina that was build on a county line. Half the building was in one county, half in another. Inside, they had painted a big fat line to show where the counties divided. That was where we learned that a hamburger "all the way" in North Carolina means with cole slaw on the burger.

sage said...

That is a nice bridge!

Ed said...

Leigh - The kids weren't dressed appropriately for the chilly weather and so went back to wait in the car with everyone else. I walked across by myself.

I've had an "all the way" burger before when visiting the south though not in North Carolina. I think is was in Alabama where I had it. I was shocked seeing it the first time but thought it tasted great that way.

Sage - It is, thanks to a politician and tax payer money!