Monday, February 23, 2015

Why Did Bob Simon Have To Go and Die?

First the television anchor that I watch nightly had to go and lie about his experience in the Iraq War and get suspended without pay for the next six months. Although I like Brian Williams, I do agree that he must be punished for lying to his viewers especially since he is in a position of trust. Otherwise I guess that would just make him a politician. Lester Holt has always done a good job reporting the news so I guess I will just have to get used to seeing him. If I were Brian Williams, I think I would call it a career and retire.

Then the next day, Bob Simon of 60 Minutes was killed in a car crash. I watch 60 Minutes and have enjoyed his many reports of various topics over the years. But while watching a newscast about his life, I learned that he had been held captive in Iraq for 40 days at one point and wrote a book about the experience. I knew nothing about this.

As you know I am a book worm and immediately I thought this sounded like a book I would want to read. I checked online and found the book but it was selling for over $100 for a used copy. Immediately I suspected that people were trying to cash in on Bob Simon's death by selling his book for exorbitant prices. I checked back the next day and they were up to $160 a book, the following day over $200 and the last time I checked almost $220 a book. (Just checked before this posted and they are up to $2400 per used book!) What a rip. I don't think I have found a book worth over $200 and I don't intend to start now. I checked on Ebay and actual bids have the book value up to around $60 but with days left in the bidding process. This is a much more reasonable price but still one I don't want to pay just because I know this is people cashing in on someone's death.

So now my only option is to wait until Bob Simon's death has been forgotten and people vaguely remember who he was or that he had a book and try again. That is assuming I will remember I was looking for that particular book. I have made a note on my phone to remind me from time to time but I'm not sure how long it will take for his book prices to go back down to normal used book prices. If only I had learned that he had a book before he died.


sage said...

"I guess that would just make him a politician." I love that line and that reasoning!

As for Bob Simon's book, I wonder if it might be re-released or if you could get it in a library? It does sound like people are trying to cash in.

edifice rex said...

Yeah, I would check the libraries too. I always have enjoyed watching 60 Minutes also and was very sad to hear he had been killed.
My husband Jack worked with Brian Williams several times over the years and said he always seemed like a really nice, sincere guy and very laid back. In fact, Jack said he was SO laid back it made him kinda suspicious that maybe he had some "help". :D

Ed said...

Sage and Edifice Rex - Libraries in our area are short on books these days and heavy on computers, DVDs, CDs, books on tape, ebooks, fishing equipment, etc. In fact, about the only physical reading material they try to stock a lot of are magazines. I have pretty much given up going to the libraries around here unless it is for research because most of them still have research rooms.

warren said...

I remember Jacques Cousteau sort of with romantic glasses from watching his programs when I was a kid. It's weird when people like that whom you trust either fall or pass. Funny how strangers can feel like family in a way...