Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Worst Movie Ever

We have subscribed to Netflix for quite a number of years. Back when we signed up, we got one DVD mailed to us at a time which meant we got to see around 4 or 5 movies a month. We pretty much stopped going to movie theaters at that point because we enjoyed watching the movies in the comfort of our own home without all the distractions of a movie theater. These days, we also get Netflix streaming which allows us to watch some movies on demand and television shows that I knew were good but were on cable channels that I don't subscribe too. I really enjoy our Netflix service.

At first, it was easy to fill up our DVD list of movies waiting to be mailed to our home one at a time because there were so many we hadn't seen in theaters. Eventually we got through them and I had to come up with other ways to fill up the list. We watched quite a few movies that were classics that I had seen that my foreign born wife hadn't seen for a time. Eventually that grew old and so I moved on to finding Academy Award winners or nominated movies and watching them. Just watching the movies that have won prestigious awards keeps our list full for a significant portion of the year. The rest we fill in from the movie previews at the beginning of a movie.

Although I can order the movies we receive into any order I desire, I pretty much let them come in as I added them to our list. Last night we opened up our mailer and popped in the DVD to find out we were watching the movie The Bacherlorette. We watched it and I must say it was probably the worst movie I have ever seen. I'm not sure what the plot was really supposed to be about, I found little humor in it, found quite a bit of moral disgust, and couldn't really tell you what it was about. My wife and I even tried to put it in context of how we would pitch the movie to a producer to get it made and were at a loss of what to say.

Which brings me to the point of how in tarnation did it get on our list. I have no idea. I thought perhaps it got nominated for some obscure award like best costume or best makeup but couldn't find any nominations for it. I don't think we saw a trailer for it and found it worthwhile to put it on our list because I don't think I could string together five funny seconds of the entire film much less a minute's worth. My best guess is that I was typing in the name of a movie we wanted to watch in the search bar online and then accidentally clicked on the wrong movie. I hope that was it and I hope I don't mess up that badly again. So now I am off to review my list and make sure I didn't do it another time or see signs that someone has hijacked my Netflix account so that they can watch movies that they would be too embarrassed to watch with their own account!


sage said...

I don't think that movie has been on my "to watch" list and I'm pretty sure it won't be now! Don't you hate it when you think your watching one thing and it turns out to be another?

warren said...

We've been back and forth on netflix...I wish the streaming service had a fuller is getting better but I wish it had as many options as the dvd service. Oh well. We have found some "gems" as well. Somehow I have missed the Bachelorette...thanks for keeping it off my list!

Ed said...

Sage and Warren - I'm glad I could do this public service but I hope I don't have to do it again anytime soon.

Bone said...

Netflix has lost a ton of movies the past several years. But I keep it because I do like the selection of TV shows.

I'm sorry you'll never get that two hours of your life back.