Monday, January 12, 2015

Things You See on the Beach

Another favorite thing of mine to do during our stay on the gulf coast is to get in two or three walks along the beach every day. We can go for walks here and do, but there is something about walking along an ocean beach that make it all the more enjoyable. Along the way we see lots of sand castles, holes and other things left by the tourists but occasionally I see something that catches my eye. Above and below were two side by side sculptures that caught my eye. Someone obviously put a lot of work into them.

I have seen some dead fish and jellyfish in the sand but this is the first time I have seen a dead bird in the sand. We saw this fellow the evening before floating face down in the water but still alive and breathing. He was near one of the high rises so we kind of suspect maybe he flew into a window really hard and fell back to the water. The next morning, I found him washed up from the high tide. He hadn't made it. Chalk one up for the high rise condos. The next time we walked by he was gone. I suspect the high rise unit employs people to clean up their beach front so guests don't have to see the casualties of their high rise.

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sage said...

I always enjoy discovering things washed up on the beach and pondering where they came from...