Monday, January 19, 2015

How Grandpa Met Grandma

My grandfather has told me this story before but I always forget to write it down and thus it fades away until I doubt myself of the facts enough that I don't want to write it down anymore lest I am wrong. However, this time around I wrote it in my journal only a couple hours after he told it to me so this is probably the best I can do to commit the story for posterity. This is the story of how my grandfather met my grandmother.

My grandfather was ice skating on a Sunday afternoon and met a beautiful young lady his age named Lois. He stayed close engaging her in conversation for awhile before finally asking her out. She politely told him no because she was already going steady with someone else at the time. Not to be deterred, my grandfather went roller skating the following Friday and met another dashing young lady named Arlene whom he conversed with for a time. Deciding he might want to ask her out, he covertly followed her home when she left the skating rink and set his sights on the following day.

The next day he drove over to Arlene's house, parked the car and started up the sidewalk to ask her on a date. Unbeknownst to him, Arlene's mother happened to see him walking up the sidewalk and said to her oldest daughter Lois that "the Abbey boy was coming to ask her out again." All parties were shocked when my grandfather instead asked Arlene out to go see a movie. Lois was shocked that my grandfather had moved on to her younger sister. Arlene was shocked to learn that the previous week my grandfather had asked out her older sister. The mother of Lois and Arlene was shocked to learn that this older Abbey boy was now interested in Arlene, four years his junior. My grandfather was surprised to learn that Lois and Arlene were sisters.

I'm not sure if I was in the same situation, I would have agreed, but Arlene's mother let her go out to see a movie with that "Abbey boy" and he eventually stole her heart, marrying her seven years later. My grandfather many years later would tell me that despite the situation, he came out a winner. I agree.


sage said...

That's both a nice story and one worth saving.

warren said...

That's a fun story...My great grandmother in law told the story of suitors, all of whom were in walking distance, meeting at the local revival or hog butchering, etc...such different times then...