Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa's Workshop

In between all the other stuff involved with siding the house, I've been in my workshop playing Santa for my parents. I suppose like most adult parents, they are hard to find gifts for. They have plenty of money and buy the things they need. The things they don't need they just don't want. Lately I've been giving them gift certificates to various local dining establishments because everyone needs to eat. However, after mentioning how much she liked my built in bookshelves, my mom hinted a few times over this past year at how nice it would be to have something similar in their living room.

After questioning her over Thanksgiving, similar turned out to be completely different. She wanted a free standing shelf to display quilts instead of books and put their television on top. So after searching here and there over the internet, I found something similar that could be scaled and adjusted to serve her purposes. A load of wood later and I was on my way to building it. 

Just due to the cost of wood these days, I usually start off most furniture projects building a carcass out of cabinet grade plywood. You don't have to worry about joining large panels of solid wood. Of course the edges of plywood aren't the most pleasant thing to look at so I use hardwood to cover everything up and give it a more solid appearance. Below is the middle part of the quilt shelf/television stand after being face in solid wood minus two missing pieces for the vertical dividers. Next I will build a small pedestal assembly to get it up off the ground a little bit and build a top to balance everything out. I'll show more on that in a later post.


Anonymous said...

Haw did the dolls house you made a few years back get on. And isn't the baby of an age for one soon ?.

Ed said...

Vince - My eldest never really did play much with the doll house. She was more into her barbies which were too large for that dollhouse. I'm hoping perhaps we can give the youngest one it when she is ready.

sage said...

Nice work!

Ed said...

Sage - Thanks.