Friday, December 19, 2014

Moving On Up To the Sky

What you can't see from this photo, is that every part of the house not in this picture has siding. So by extrapolation, what remains unsided in this picture is all that is left. Not much but what is left requires the most ladders to complete. I don't have scaffolding and my tallest ladder is about the same height as the one leading on the chimney in the picture, perhaps just a touch taller. If I could have found a way to suspend myself by the ankles from the top of the chimney, I might have been able to do the entire thing myself. I also could have just bought a lot longer ladder. Instead I hired a couple guys to help me do the siding and requirement one was they provide the required ladders. I made the right choice because as cold and busy as this late fall has been, I would still be working on the front side.

After we get finished siding up to the top of the chimney, then we need to spend a couple days doing some caulking. All the joints need to be caulking along with various areas around trim, windows, doors, outdoor fixturing, etc. We then need to finish reattaching all the stuff that came off like the front storm door, utility boxes, light fixtures, street number, etc. We also need to replace one window pane that accidentally got broke. After all that is said and done, I can call this project done and set my sight on phase two.

I showed in a previous post all the water damage to the sheathing that had occurred due to some flashing errors and grading errors be previous occupants or perhaps even the original builders. Since I really don't want to do all this again, I plan on digging out those landscaping timbers in the lower left side of the photo, removing the mulch that is higher than the house sill plate and try grading it away from the house. Since there isn't that much fall to start with, I may end up just putting in a french drain system combined with grading to fix the problem. However since the ground is frozen and the frozen precipitation isn't the kind causing the problem, I have a few months to contemplate everything first.

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