Monday, December 22, 2014


As it turned out, I was able to finish my television stand/quilt bookcase project with a week to spare. Here it is with two coats of polyurathane on it and the final project had a third coat on it but I didn't take another picture since it essentially looks the same. I'm very happy with the color of the finish which should match the woodwork in the farmhouse just fine.

The only thing that I really didn't like was that the plywood I got for the carcass appeared to have about an 1/8" veneer surface on it when I was cutting out my pieces. As it turned out it was only a fraction of that and if I left my sander in one spot for a touch through long I would burn through it and then I could see the cross graining of the layer underneath. After that happened three times, I sanded so lightly that after I applied the stain, I could still see lots of scratching in places where I had used the belt sander to make some of the solid wood face pieces flush to the carcass. It's not noticeable until you are within a couple feet but it is still noticeable.

So the lesson I learned from this project and what I would do differently if I were to make a second one is thus: I left the face frame proud of the surface of the plywood faces planning on sanding them flush later and this caused my scratching problem. In the future I will work to just make it exactly flush while glueing which means I must do it when it is warmer so that I have longer work times with the glue.

Come Christmas eve or perhaps a day or two earlier if a strong back appears, I will load it into the van for the trip down to the farm Christmas morning where it will be carried into its new home. I'm not sure yet what my next project will be until warmer weather arrives but I do know I have plenty to choose from.


Leigh said...

It's beautiful! Very professional looking. I'm guessing no one will notice the scratches from a galloping horse. :)

Ed said...

Leigh - I wish I could be satisfied with the galloping horse principle. It would make things a lot faster to do!

Anonymous said...

Looks very nice Ed.