Monday, November 3, 2014

Wall of Clamps

While I was redoing my garage, I kept moving my pile of clamps from one place to another. I kept delaying hanging them up because I just didn't know what I was going to do with them. In my previous garage setup, I had made a rack for them but they took up a lot of wall space that I would rather use for other things. Plus, I wanted to move them to the other side of the garage where I build my projects so that I don't always have to climb over cars and duck under bicycled to retrieve them. The problem with that is that I didn't have a lot of wall space. There was 20 inches of wall space between a storage shelf and a wooden cupboard if I didn't count the space required to open the cupboard door. The problem was that only one stud was available to hang any structure off of to hold my clamps and my old rack needed at least two studs and was designed for three. So I just leaned my clamps in the corner and went about other things.

The problem with that is that even though they were tucked in a corner, I was still bumping into them all the time and sending the pile spilling in every direction. I picked them up and leaned them against the wall for the umpteenth time and suddenly a moment of divine inspiration struck me. Instead of having a wide single layer rack, why not build a narrow multi-layer rack for all my clamps. So I got busy and fifteen minutes later I had what you see at the top of the post. I took a six inch wide four-quarter deck board that I had leftover from a previous project and screwed it to the one stud in that section of wall. I then screwed a rung to it to hang my first layer of clamps. I then used a two by four to build out from the wall a bit and screwed another rung to it higher up for another row of clamps. I used another chunk of two by four to build further out yet and put another rung for a third row of clamps. Now all my clamps are organized and won't be falling over anytime soon.

The obvious drawback is that if I need to get to the orange pipe clamps, I'm going to have to remove a lot of other clamps to get to them. However, I probably only build a big project that would need clamps that size once every three or four years so I can live with that. I use the quick action hand clamps on the outermost layer the most followed by the blue bar clamps on the middle layer. The long ruler like clamp on the left side is one that I use for breaking up sheets of plywood into smaller pieces though I prefer the unfinished wood one tucked behind the clamp rack because it doesn't need any measuring or calculating. I just clamp it to a line and use my skilsaw to cut a straight line every time.


warren said...

My Dad always told me growing up that I'd be doing well if I could be a human clamp...that's all I'd be good for...I sort of love clamps now you see...sort of like they are family!

Anonymous said...

Was there not a rib on the door you could affix then too. But that's a real good idea as well.

Ed said...

Warren - One can never have too many clamps in the family!

Vince - My garage door does have ribs but the panels bend as the door goes up meaning they aren't usable.