Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking Up

Don't look too closely but you can see that the dreaded popcorn ceiling is now gone and I have applied primer and two coats of ceiling paint. I had to repair a couple of seams and where the walls meet the ceiling in quite a few areas and the mudding job has a lot to be desired. More specifically it is the sanding of the mud that has a lot to be desired. I know my skill level with drywall and it isn't very good and I know for a room the size of this garage I could literally spend the next two weeks applying mud and sanding to get it looking perfect but at the end of the day it was just a garage so I let things slide a bit. I tried a different brand of mud than I normally have used and while it was drastically easier to apply making less sanding necessary, it was also super slow to dry. It took two days to dry compared to about half a day for the stuff I had been using. I think after I finish my bucket of mud, I will go back to the harder to apply stuff because I can start sanding a lot sooner.

I had two large four bulb fluorescent tube fixtures up near the front of the garage prior to rehabbing the garage. I liked them because they provided lots of light but as someone who likes to listen to radio, it was all but impossible with them on. The provided so much noise that if the garage lights were on, I couldn't listen to the radio anywhere in the house. Because the attic above the garage is fairly open and easy to get too, I decided to splurge and put in can lights to replace the fluorescent fixtures. I put in a row of three which you can see above so that it will be over my workbench area. I also put a bank of three heading the other way in front of the cars. They don't provide half the light that the fluorescent lights did but it is more vertical lighting which makes it better. With only two fluorescent fixtures, I was always trying to work in my shadow. The only drawback now is that I can and have left my lights on in the garage and I never know until I go back out there the next day whereas before, I would know as soon as my radio alarm clock went off to only static.

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