Monday, October 27, 2014


When it comes to my lawn, I'm pretty much live and let live. Back when I had a postage stamp sized lawn, I made an attempt to keep the weeds to a minimum and fill in bare spots with grass seed but with a couple acres, it just isn't feasible or desirable on my part. I did seed down the dirt around our new sidewalk and driveway but that was more to prevent mud from being tracked on them than for beauty reasons.

I tell you this to justify telling you that when it comes to insects in my lawn, I let them live if they don't bother me. However, the local flock of turkeys that call my back yard home don't share the same attitude. In fact, they are down right hard on the local insect population. Twice a day, they traverse my yard from one side to the other pecking up insects as fast as they can move their necks. I've watched them grow from young poults into full grown turkeys indistinguishable from their mothers who have herded them around all this time.


Anonymous said...

If you make a cone out of plastic and put raisins in the bottom of it you could catch your dinner for thanksgiving without the bother of atomizing it with a shotgun or rifle. They would pot their head in and it would fold over their head and make them think it's night.

It seems blogger is being attacked big time. They are spam filtering on all of them, including your's by default.

Ed said...

Vince - Lots of things I prefer if they are more natural or in this case, grew up in the wild. But in the case of turkey, I prefer to eat domesticated ones I buy at the market than the ones in the wild. All the ones I have eaten in the wild have been tough and stringy. Perhaps a bit more flavor but when you flavor a domesticated one, that one benefit is null.

warren said...

And you get organic fertilizer for free as well!

edifice rex said...

I just cannot believe that the turkeys up your way are that bold! to come in your yard that way! Around here, you are lucky to glimpse one on the side of the road maybe or deep in the woods.
They are probably also grazing the grass a good bit too. Most people don't realize poultry of any type loves good green grass and you have a right pretty pasture for them. My chickens do a similar thing every afternoon. They all get out there in a loose line and just slowly make their way across the yard grazing like crazy.

Ed said...

Warren - No Shit?!

Edifice Rex - Normally they are like what you described. This is a lot of why I have a thousand pictures of turkeys on my hard drive from this summer. I've just never been this close, this many times to wild turkeys. The liquid form and I have perhaps had a run in or two prior to this year.